Nanoday #17 and a half! Heart of Clouds now at 30,701! and puppy love!

Oh, this was very wonderful today, tired but have plot/character arcs syncing up!  And, Devlin’s grandfather got him a puppy!

excerpt from first half of today:

Devlin’s grandmother hadn’t been able to keep from smiling when she saw what her husband Jess had done.  He’d taken his old truck to town and out in the truck was Dev’s surprise — like a little chocolate ball.
“Oh Jess,” she’d said.
“What are we going to name him?”
“That’s Devlin’s job, sweetheart.”
“Oh Jess, look at him.”
“Just look at him.”
“Isn’t he cute?”
“He looks like a chocolate malt ball.”
“He does, doesn’t he?”
“He’ll be good for the boy.  I think he really needs a companion to help him get through this time, sweetheart.”
“I’ve been so worried about him, Jess.”
“I know sweetheart.  He doesn’t say much.”
The tiniest little puppy lay curled in a little cardboard box on the
seat of the old red truck.  He was a chocolate Labrador.  Jess knew that the boy needed something warm and alive to love of his own.  They had tried not to bring up the subject of his mother much.  His dad was off working in the city as an architect and so, since he worked so many hours he wanted Devlin to have a family after the tragedy.  At least until he felt he could make another stable home for the two of them.  He’d thought that would be best for Dev, but, he really didn’t know how Devlin felt, because the two of them never said much about her after the funeral.  To do so would be almost too sad, or too hard for both of them.
“Got something for you, son, Jess said, the minute Devlin came through the door.”

don’t forget this is a rough draft!  At this point it is just WRITE forwards….EDIT REWRITE later!

xxoo! Here is what Devlin’s puppy looked like!

back later!

xxoo! x2 because have found way from crux into charmsville — my characters! love them!

they are Disney films like in my childhood but contemp….

(gee, I had no idea they’d surface as they have but Thomasina was always a fav film of mine)

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