Nanoday #17 — Heart of Clouds — YA first love novel — at almost 30,000 words!

I almost can’t believe it myself.  As a person who has written many short stories and poems, I never thought I’d be able to get to 30,000.  Well the high 29 thousands anyway — today.  There have been days when i have been ready to pull my hair out that is how hard this pace is.  I miss people, but I have to stay inside the world of the characters to get to the end.  It’s like that old movie… back later.  Need to write and feel like the image below from that fantastic film — exhausted.

That is one of my fave movies by the way…..

and it isn’t exactly like this — but?  It’s a marathon just like this so take it as a metaphor  — it’s the best kind of marathon though — really fantastic for those who can make it.  Each one will have written a book.

My novella being written for 2009!

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