Nanoday #18 — Sinatra is on! “I believe in you” Heart of Clouds continues! forwards to 32,000 point + aujourd’hui

Sinatra helped with that song.

Slept some last night — a bit more than usual.  I love this book and I want to get it just right so, even though I know it will be edited post-nano, still, it’s pretty tight writing I have tried to do.

Today this 32,000 point… basically means were are heading toward the end o’ things.  I have a book by Graham Greene sur la table ici and I’m looking at where he was on page 145 – 146 because that is where I am too.

This whole idea of 50,00 words — I like that as a size?  Truly.  One giant leap up from a short story in a way, and I have told this tale as if it is a short story so how to close?

I have 18,000 words or so in which to do that.

Have to get away from all distractions in order to press on.  This means turning off everything and I can’t because somebody other than me has chosen the music and this is a tearing out hair mo because post Sinatra it’s jazz which I love — but it might not go with this next scene I want to do.


At any rate…

continuing right along with HEART OF CLOUDS

This is what yesterday looked like on — I love the picture!

I have 18,000 words to tie all the threads together…

this means oh say, 6,000 more in center and then 12,000 to bring it to a close and because I care a lot about this story, well……….


wish me luck!


back later…


It’s 11:16 and still nothing. nada. zip.

this is what writing can be like at times — that is why keeping distractions to a minimum is what you have to do?


have to get in the novel’s groove and it is tough this morning — thinking about the puppy…

maybe go back to that as an opener…

back later.

in the meantime a half limerick

there once was a girl who tried nano

but she started without any plan, Oh!

so she tried a hot shower

LOL sort of.

But not.

This is serious biz at this point.

back later….


the 32,000 word point has arrived.

My novella being written for 2009!

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