Nanoday #19 — Heart of Clouds now on page 166…

This has been a really hard day for me.  Mostly because i am not going to be able to use the internet for research anymore.  I just found out that this white thing that allows me to connect charges in the hundreds if you go over alloted time.  Apparently I did, and I’m not even sure how I did?  I guess whatever you do on the internet costs — text is the least of that — pictures and movies like the ones on youtube are way more.  How sad.

Anyway, what I learned was if you leave a lot of windows open at once — if they are running graphics and you aren’t even looking at the page — you are being charged.  So, dunno.

I managed to have a really beautiful connection in a scene between Teenie my character and her mom when she tries to wake her up — here is a piece of that:

“Mom, wake up,” Teenie whispered in her mother’s ear.
“Mom, please wake up, please.”
Teenie began by holding her mother’s hand.  She held it in both of hers, and she was rubbing it between them, as if she could warm it — that’s how cold it felt.   The more Teenie looked at her mother’s hand, the more she realized how much she loved her.  Mostly it was a tiny little freckle right in the center of her mother’s

hand that Teenie focused on.  She couldn’t remember ever having seen it before.
“Mom, wake up.  Please.”
“Please mom.”
But it wasn’t doing any good.  Teenie’s mom was barely breathing at all it was so shallow.  Teenie began to cry, just little tears at first but, soon she was really crying and the tears fell on her mother’s hand.
“Mommy, please.”
“Please, mommy, please,” Teenie cried, her tears were falling faster and faster now, so many it was almost like rain.
Something was wrong and Teenie began to realize that, because her mother had always woken up before when Teenie had asked her to, but today it just wasn’t working at all.  She began to shake her mother’s shoulder back and forth, starting off just softly at first.
“Please, mommy, don’t leave me alone,” she cried.
“Mommy, please.”
Suddenly Teenie remembered something that her father had told her once — well he had shown her how to do something actually — that had to do with having something called a heart-to-heart.  They’d always called it that whenever they had gone out on a walk together, when she’d been littler, and he had still been home.  Except, they had both been awake.  How could she have a heart to heart talk with her mother if she was asleep like this?
Teenie came up with an idea and it was one of the best ideas she had ever had.  She put one of her hands on her chest and she could feel her heartbeat.
“Heart, I need you to speak to Mommy,” she said.
And then she took her other hand and put it on her mother’s heart.  She could feel it just barely beating under her mom’s thin bathrobe.
“I need your heart to talk to my heart, mom,” she said.
“Please talk to my heart, Mom.”

and then, I had a great scene about Devlin and Brownie his puppy, as well…

When they all sat down to breakfast together with little Brownie asleep on Devlin’s foot, Devlin decided to tell his grandparents about Teenie Alexander.
“I met a girl on the beach the other day,” he said.
“A really special girl.”
“I can’t wait to show Brownie to her because I think she will love him too.”
“Why, Devlin, that’s wonderful,” his grandmother said.
“What’s she like, son?”
“I think she might be a writer,” he said.
“Or an artist.”
“She was crying the first day I saw her.”
“Do you know why?”
“Sort of.”
“She sort of told me how sad she was since her dad had gone.”
“Where did he go?”
“She said he had to leave the village to search for a job.”
“He used to be a reporter for the paper,” Grandpa.
Devlin’s grandfather just shook his head and let out a sigh.  He looked over at the paper on the table next to him.
“I’m surprised that place is still in business,” he said.
“After what they’ve done to all those poor people.”
“I’m sorry to hear that, son.”
“Making a little girl cry because her father had to leave town to go and find another job.”
He just shook his head back and forth really slowly.
“I’m glad you met a new friend, Devlin,” said his grandmother.  “What else have you found out about her?”
“Not too many things, so far.”
“She has beautiful hair though.”
“You should see the way it looks when the sun shines on it.”
Jess just looked over at Devlin’s grandmother and he was smiling the biggest smile.  It seemed like he was grinning from ear to ear.  He didn’t say anything else except, “It sounds like the day I first saw your grandmother Devlin.”
“I had my harmonica with me that day though.”
“I thought she had the prettiest smile I’d ever seen.”

I really want to be able to put the logo for NaNoWrMo in this post and that little sig I made for Heart of Clouds but I have no idea how much it will cost to do that and I can’t afford another bill like that one that just came.

I think I’m writing a really great book.

I need an agent for this book, too.

Really fast.


It’s a book for children that will change a lot of people’s lives in good ways because of the themes in it.  And, I’d like enough money to not care about worrying about how many things I wanted to see in the internet too.

So far so good, but, what I learned was that I have to limit my usage?

No extra windows open, don’t watch any films, barely do anything with art.  How fun is that?

Bye, till tomorrow!  Geez.

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