Nanoday #22 — Heart of Clouds novel for NaNoWriMo — has only 7,543 (now 5522!) words left!




That doesn’t mean they are easy though, because I feel very — dunno — sort of attached to this whole magical little story that I have written.  I made the mistake of going back and reading the first 22 pages last night — shouldn’t have.

One thing I did notice though, was that I had set up the theme for the novel in those pages — I really had?

Part of me loves it, part of me knows it needs edits like mad, and part of me is ready to let go of it — soon — I’m exhausted from writing it over this last month.


It’s for sale…


It’s good — and it’s a novel with a ton of ecopsychology in it that addresses real issues in a way that an audience would understand — plus it is a heartwarming tearjerker too!

Remember this children’s classic? Yep.  Same genre.

I’m going to the coffee meet up again today — hopefully can write at least half of the end before that — cannot believe it is at the end!  It is! — it really is.

back later

HUGE struggle with the antagonist today. HUGE — I don’t think there is going to be a sugar-sweet ending in a way — but more ambivalence — can’t resolve the character of the mother in this by end of tale….

what a drag.

HUGE block at this…

juncture.  —- maybe stop at the 1333 words I just got in — so frustrating dealing with the antag –she is the mother in the piece and so hard right now….writing this.

rather be back in a dream sequence with TUT & Co. — very much like my own childhood this mother is….

pushed past antagonist — okay! 5500+ or a few and I’m done.

Today was 2021 — now at 44,478 and 50,000 is upon me!

ending on a party note with this book — and Teenie and Dev will share a tender first kiss on the last page!



Devlin had never really thought of having a girlfriend before — not until he saw Teenie Alexander on the beach that very first day.
It was more than just a girlfriend he wanted though.  What he wanted most was a friend, but, there was more than that — every time he thought of her.  It had felt really nice holding her hand and even he hadn’t realized that he was going to kiss her cheek before he did it.  It just kind of happened, before he even knew it.
The thing that Dev liked best about Teenie was that she was so natural looking.  She didn’t seem preoccupied with shopping and makeup and he had never heard her say any mean things — like the girls at his old school had.
When he woke up with little Brownie snuggled at his side, Teenie was the first thing on his mind.  He could still see her as she’d looked sitting in the sand dunes in that leaf green T-shirt.  It was almost the color of the ocean when the light hit the waves in a certain way.  Because it was Saturday, he stayed in bed a little longer than usual — watching Brownie sleeping beside him.
“You up, son?” his grandfather asked at the door, softly knocking.  “Can I come in?”
Devlin’s grandfather was wearing his plaid bathrobe and slippers — he’d just gotten up himself — and he let himself in and closed the door quietly behind him.
“Your grandmother’s still asleep,” he said.
“Did you see your little friend again, Devlin?”
“She loved Brownie, grandpa.”
“I thought she might, son.”
Devlin’s grandfather reached over and stroked the tiny brown ball of fur — the puppy stretched out and rolled over on his back and then Dev’s grandpa cuddled him to his chest.
“Grandpa, do you think I could ask Teenie and her mom over for dinner?”
“Why sure, son.”
“Do you know somebody named Mr. Honeygarten?”
“Honeygarten?”  Dev’s grandfather looked like he was puzzling through the name.  “I’m not sure I do, son.”
“Teenie was telling me about him yesterday.”
“Don’t think I know him, Devlin.”
“I wanted to ask him too.”

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