Nanoday #24 Heart of Clouds will end, today! (plus guess who arrived in a dream?)!


I WROTE A NOVEL! IN 24 days and 50,000 words and, C. S. was my guardian angel this morning!



That’s right, he actually came in a dream as I am at the finish of this book!  I woke up from a nap yesterday and this dream about C. S. Lewis — it had something to do with libraries and librarians and also the book F. 451! Dunno.

Writing this book released dreams about 7 times…


I’m sad to let the characters go, a bit, but the end of the novel has written itself — in a half dream state.

It occurs to me that there are many different messages in the book and I’m very happy about that — at the core though is love.

all right ————————- onwards to the last words to sum up the whole…

I thought I’d look at C. S. during the crafting, for luck!

back later and xxoo!


Heart of Clouds!

8 thoughts on “Nanoday #24 Heart of Clouds will end, today! (plus guess who arrived in a dream?)!

      1. Your heart.

        Such beauty you shared with me this afternoon……

        tears in my eyes. My heart feels so full…..

        my heart

        thinking about what you wrote.


    1. needs edits but plot is intact!

      need synopsis and query letter to fav agent….


      I like it, am proud of it — now have to figure how to print it out?
      edit on paper…….! easier!

      I really do like what it is about and I hope all the feelings in the piece do come through — you proved it!


      thank you!


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