HEART OF CLOUDS (the novel post-NaNoWriMo) — ready to roll.

So, what comes next?

Editing — and contacting my fav literary agent first.

There has been a lot of mess of late re: literary agents in general in the web.

I like the idea of having one, myself.

What being part of this crazed writing month in November did for me was get me out of wasting time on politics and concentrating on something more useful.

I’m glad.

Check out this fab poster!

I did what I set out to do — write a book of Children’s literary fiction.  But, as I wrote it there was more to it.

I wrote it as an extended short story in a way — and I wrote it to be a film.

It has a lot of things in it from Depth Psychology.

In some ways it is quite poignant, because the subject is LOVE.

How LOVE looks.

I’m very happy with it.  Very happy.

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