Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I decided I’d cook.

This is what I serve, although there are only two of us, now.

I had a chance to just go out, but?  Dunno.  Thanksgiving is sort of a huge thing for Americans…

Turkey, simple bread & onion and celery and sage dressing

Mashed potatoes and candied yams ala orange marmalade…

— Gravy!


Tiny peas from a silver can

black olives, celery sticks


Pumpkin pie

I might make an apple pie too.

Editor’s note — I did custard pie — I invented it today — and a classic pumpkin —

the custard pie is three eggs, half cup sugar, I c. Milk, I c. Half and half ,  dash salt — a gigantic SPLASH of Myer’s rum and about a third of a cup of golden raisins plus vanilla — A Rum Raisin pie. (that was my mom’s fav flavor of ice cream) — miss her — miss all of them. We’ll see.  Next up?  Champagne!  Soon.

ps: all of this is from scratch with exception of the peas

how I will accomplish…

have coffee

make cranberry sauce with boiling water and sugar — easy!

I have a smallish bird so stuffing is one loaf of white bread (I have used many kinds over time including sour dough!)

Saute several onions and a bunch of celery in butter while you are toasting the torn bread on a cookie sheet till dried — toss all this with poultry seasoning — salt and pepper — wash, stuff and truss.

Boil yams until soft and skins slip off — layer in a pan with butter and orange marmalade — as if for scalloped potatoes — bake in the last hours while turkey is finishing up

He does great mashed potatoes –skin and boil potatoes till soft, mash with butter and milk until like clouds.

Make pies ala martha pies and tarts book (a staple from the early years when I wanted to be a good wife)

—- her crusts and pies are really good, too.

the gravy is the last thing to do, in the pan after you have removed the turkey to a platter…

I miss all the relatives I used to do all this for today —

Also, I am just sick over the news at RD’s.  Sick.

Many years ago the newspaper I worked for used to give all the employees bonuses and bags full of all the things for the dinner so that every employee could have one.  Read that piece by Riverdaughter above and take a look at what has become of AMERICAN WORKPLACES.


I wish you and yours the best holiday — one of the MAJOR AMERICAN HOLIDAYS

and, hope you have enough to eat, and friends to share it with.

When I was a child we were always in fancy restaurants on the big holidays.

I started the tradition of this dinner when I was about 21?  Something like that.  I’ve made it in many kitchens over the years and even when I was a college student with hardly any money and very few pans.


hugs and xxoo!

from me!

ps: got a laser printer and now I can print out the book to proof it — it’s for sale as soon as I rewrite.

Oh and, never trust anyone in politics who has to hire ghostwriters, no?

Pretty sad, no?


5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. glad you stopped by today.

    very very rainy here, wow, wet. i have been feeding a crippled grackle (ugly little fella with a spindly tail, and
    bad feet ) He came to the front door today, soaking wet. So wet he couldn’t fly. i fed him his bread and a little piece of pear, while he peered at me with his beady yellow eyes. Obviously he was desperate, but he knows me, too. So?

    It took him awhile to dry. A few hours actually. Sometimes he waits on the neighbor’s roof, and when he sees me
    drive up, he flies over. Funny little friend and I like him. I admire how he has survived all these months..How smart he is. Smart enough to come to the door today, for safety and food.

    Any thinking of you. Enjoy always talking with you.

    hope you are fine




  2. Stopped by to say Good Afternoon, Valentine Bonnaire. Hoping your research is productive, and you are feelin’ good.

    Couldn’t find that Nina Simone version, you loved.


    just humming it to you, as I type this.


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