*notes from the writing life…

So, Twitter is a great thing for writers… all kinds of interesting things float by — and there are all kinds of articles too that other writers are posting all of the time as well as little literary quotes and things…

Also, I was looking at this this morning and it’s a very funny video.


here is the orig!


Last night I was watching that movie Three Men and a Baby — but then switched over to Portrait of Dorian Grey — somehow there was an ad on for a hamburger place and they were actually using all sorts of things related to that whole Twilight movie…

And I thought, hmmm….

One of the literary agents I met at the conference I go to does that sort of thing, too.

Anyway on that note, following what this guy has to say on all that, off Twitter…

And, will be making soup today at some point.

I decided to post the book live in WordPress — so far, so good!  I changed the theme to a really cute one that has hearts and flowers too — that is the demographic it is for, and the WordPress template is just perfect.

So, I decided two pages a day for that blog?  Rather than one because, one wasn’t enough and I also decided to just edit the first post — when I add the pages.  Probably when I get to each chapter I will make a new post.  As I wrote the novel I pretty much had a chapter each day — so there are plenty of breaks.  Often I would pick up a theme from the previous day and just write to that — while I was doing NaNoWriMo.  It really worked well, I thought as a method for keeping the book in order — and it will be something I use for future novels too.

So, part of the mystique behind the novel I wrote is to teach kids about keeping journals.  I actually had my main character Teenie Alexander use a Waterman pen, and a little paper journal…

I use one — and they are the BEST!

and the journal that she writes in looks like these…

I was thinking of one that I used last year that is covered with a wisteria vine…

I like to use these too…

And, I get them at my favorite independent bookstore here in town!

I love books.

Umm, hmm….

I love books, beautiful little journals, Waterman pens, crayolas and Chronicle Books!


8 thoughts on “*notes from the writing life…

  1. yes, good article. I think so too. the answer is to be able to express one’s feelings, with words, and through journals, poetry, etc. The opposite is a term called Alexithymia.

    There is a word Alexithymia which means literally “without words for emotion”, and this is where i believe writers such as yourself for the young audiences may begin to help young adults, and maybe older ones too, with this issue when viewed as a secondary rather than primary cause of emotional (il) literacy.

    Anway, here is another post of 3000 words that deal with feeling/emotion. thought you might enjoy


    ps: checked my phone today. missed your call. wow, didn’t expect your call.


  2. hey, why can’t I post what you said about the novel over where the novel is?


    I want to build a community to read that story online?
    I sort of twittered that out today as an experiment?

    I do want feedback on it? Like RD gets feedback?

    I did call you! I think it was the day after Thanksgiving?


  3. post it if you want……..but your readers need to comment. they have a moral responsibility to tell you what I have been telling you for months.. I am annoyed at them.

    ON HEART OF CLOUDS.–Your words elicit responses, but you need to ask questions.

    try asking them a question at the end of each post. A psychological one, in which they have to think about it, and reply to it. so they can open up their hearts, and learn to type? Yes, you need to be more interactive with your readers. Ask them how they feel, yada yada yada. i know how I feel. that’s why its easy to talk to you, but sometimes when you don’t answer?

    I know i havs stepped over some friggin’ line.

    Give them a question. Ask them to answer it.



  4. I was hoping you would be one of the main voices in that community?
    I’m serious.

    At this blog, all people look for are politics?

    So, I decided to keep this one for whatever — but that one is strictly the NOVEL!
    I did a little experiment with twitter and when I twittered it today?
    It was amazing!

    I’m only posting those two pages a day but your suggestion is really good about the questions and stuff. Thank you!

    Sometimes I don’t know whether to post because of names in there or too much love?

    But hey, I’m glad that you loved the book — I want you to see the whole thing or at least until some agent arrives and wants it! LOL!

    Why is everything so damn hard?

    It just is!




  5. 4:30 am, hope you are fine. tried to call, but it was late….

    thinking about your beautiful book…..

    what more can i say. i will call my ex sister in law tomorrow. seems she mentioned she knows a publisher.

    of what? I don’t know, but it is worth a try….

    need to sleep.




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