Publishing, but? — the author, the target-market, and the plastique…

(click the picture to read the article from TreeHugger)

So, all these plastic e-reader devices?  I did a little test by publishing two short stories for the K– so far?  I haven’t seen any returns and I can see how something like this could be great for my old genre but?  Personally?  I am really against so much ocean pollution with plastic right now.  You really have to read about that and understand just what is happening in the ocean.

On the beach you see people’s broken cell phones and assorted other detritus and all of that just flows into the sea in the end.  Where I live people really care about that, a lot.  That may not be true all across the world though.

I appreciate that the K allows anyone to publish?  But, once all the bookstores and publishers are out of business?

Once everything is just sold on e-readers?

What will be happening to the ocean?

Wouldn’t it seem a lot smarter to plant sustainable paper and focus on the creation of books as art objects?

Sure, that sounds like Luddite-speak but all you have to do is see what is happening in the world’s oceans and to the the food chain itself — when the fish swallow the plastic bits and pieces…

(just wrote a green novel, so…!)


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