Novel that has theme as LOVE! Right here! “Heart of Clouds”

It occurs to me this morning (and after seeing “novel that has theme as love”) behind the scenes here in WordPress, well — that is what I just wrote.

I suppose I have been writing that theme for a long time, actually.

The first piece of published serialized fiction I did was about that.

The book Heart of Clouds is for children.  It’s a book that people who are interested in that kind of thing will love.  I’m proud of it and I’m ready to give it to the right literary agent.  It’s as simple as that.

In the short stories I have done, I tried to capture what love looks and feels like.  It’s not an easy thing to put on the page and in a way I am lucky because I grew up surrounded by it.

In the last decade though, I met people who were monsters.  Really.  Human monsters.

I’m surprised I could write this book given the last decade, but I did.

The next novel I’m going to write has to do with what happens to people when they encounter a soulless monster.  People like that are inhuman.  One wonders why they are even alive or on this planet.  They are that bad.

Christmas always brings me memories — because I love it.  It was one of the most important holidays for my family.

I’d like the book to get the right agent, and the right publisher.  When I look at what people search for behind the blog it occurs to me that they no longer have language?  Europeans that come by have the most sophisticated search strings.  Isn’t that something?  I wonder if the world has lost metaphor?  Perhaps it has.  I know one thing — the world has lost its sense of LOVE.  My generation has the last people who are true human beings.

It’s one of those mornings.

I can get a proof copy of the book I wrote because I won Nano.  If I load it into something called “CreateSpace” they make you a proof copy.  I checked it out — because it is a gracious offer.

But, they are part of Amazon — in a partnership.  By using CreateSpace to do that I’m not sure what happens to the rights?  Also they have a contest going on, too.

I put two short stories in Amazon for the K — and there has been no return at all.  So, I’d really rather try and go through a normal publishing channel assuming they still exist?  I can’t tell whether they do or not.  Everyday it seems like another old standard is going out of business in that industry.  So?

I looked overseas to see what they are doing.  It seems more real over there?

I just want the book to be in the right hands, with the right publishers.

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