What I really did, afterwards, the day of Christmas Eve

1.  Had a late lunch in an Irish pub by accident.  I only had a present to buy for one person — husband.

2.  Bought him tons of Kerouac (just felt like it).

3. Walked around downtown and felt not a part of it — too changed.

4.  Looked at houses in the paper and in web.  Elsewhere.  Like Texas where you can get a mini mansion for about 400,000 near San Antonio.

5.  Bought him a don’t tread on me flag as a stocking stuffer… (while waiting for the books to be wrapped).

6.  Bought a marzipan Danish butter ring as a pastry for the morning.

7.  We decided to go out so as not to be sad about family who are no longer with us.

8.  Thought about puppies and horses.

9.  Wrote a dumb poem.

10.  Texas seems less bleak than California.

11. Wondered if a Californian could live in Texas.

12.  Realized I need a pup.

13. Looked at ads for pups —

14.  Ran into people I know from the arts downtown.

15.  ?

Merry Christmas and it isn’t all tumbling barns, but?

Saw a potter I know and decided maybe I should just go back in January.

ps:  My pink angel trumpet tree bloomed and that was fab.  It has been years for that tree.  Also fallen rose petals litter everything around here.  They do.

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