30 thoughts on “New Year’s Wish…

  1. Miss you too Bonnaire. Synchronistic of you, as I was just writing about doves in my story….I truly was.

    Formed in 1100 BC, known as The Order of the Dolphins and Doves was a group of women, (so the story goes) who left Kalliste after its destruction, and these priestesses passed on from generation to generation
    the secrets of their tribe.

    So there again is the sky and the sea motif which you love as well….

    love to you.



  2. Bonnaire,

    Have not forgotten you. Hope you read this.

    Will be sending you a belated Christmas gift. Just have been bogged down here.

    love to you



    1. Happy New Year to you, Song. I have some good news — maybe.
      I hope all is well for you this year in 2010 — for all of us.

      take care now,

      and, yes — back to work I hope in a very fine place.


  3. Happy New Year to You Bonnaire. I am glad to hear that you might have some good news. So glad. So glad.

    Your posts were good to see. Horses and flowers. Contrasts, the delicate and the powerful.

    I have missed you, but you know that.

    your friend,



  4. So sorry I miss your call? Damn.

    Won’t be here tonight. Let me know when? I will call.

    I am so glad for you Bonnaire. I cannot tell you.

    This is going to be a good year…


    1. I hope it will be a good year — it has to be. I wanted to tell you the bizarre coincidence in all of this because you think nothing is a coincidence and like that!
      you won’t believe it! Call anytime but just for 2 mins or so — so our bills don’t go through the roof. Hope all is well. And you are out someplace great.


  5. Can’t wait to hear. Will call tomorrow and be ready to talk fast Bonnaire. I will just listen while you tell me.

    You are correct, in your case, I do not believe in coincidence…

    wasn’t out someplace special for sure…..

    need a bit more of those good times myself Bonnaire.


  6. The suit sounds perfect. Everything. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for sure? But you don’t need luck
    you have it all..This is their lucky day

    Anyone is lucky to know you, to work with you, and to meet you.

    that’s the whole truth.


      1. Oh Bonnaire, you have said such kind words to me. Thank you.

        Don’t forget when you go in, to stand straight? Hold your head up like you do. You will add some
        class to the place, I know. I’m smiling thinking about it, and thinking about you.

        They have no idea what a POWER-WOMAN is coming to meet them. (you have no idea yourself, but that’s ok)

        What you wrote? to use your word


        I mean it! If I had a company, I would hire you on that alone. (but I am smarter than the average CEO, ya know?)



      2. Geez what kind of confidence do I give if you feel “one inch tall”.


        Think of “scared” as adrenalin…then write back to me (?)

        I am so “excited” you wouldn’t believe it.

        (say that to yourself) …………every time you think scared

        change it to excited. This is an adventure! This is a good thing.

        I am so excited that they get to meet you!!


  7. You are the best friend a person could have Bonnaire.

    If you could only see yourself as I do.


    thanks to you I am still plugging along, writing?


    39000 words now


    1. 39,000 means? 11,000 from 50,000 words! xxoo!
      See that?

      It has been 7 years, is all. I was a pretty big deal, once and, maybe I feel so small because I’m not anymore, but?
      it has just been a while since I was in the marketplace again. We’ll see.

      Huge congrats on the writing you are doing and have done — you are deep into it now!
      Okay, I will take all your advice! Courage! Forwards! New things! Identity! (and all the rest)…

      hugs, me!


      1. You are a big deal.
        You can do anything you put your mind and heart to…..

        You are a force of nature Bonnaire.

        deep bow,



      2. Well, it was hard, Song. I wish I could call you? I do.
        Song. Thank you for your very great belief in me. Your friendship has kept me going over the last few years. In this tiny corner of a blog.


      3. Just came in the door no more than 5 minutes ago. Dealing with issues here, but not to worry.

        Of course it was hard Bonnaire, but the point is you did it. It is not hard to believe in you Bonnaire, AT ALL.

        Do you feel good about it?

        In fact it is one of the easiest things in the world for me. (believing in you)

        I am so glad you got to see him? Isn’t that just one of the being on the “Lifestream” experiences, and I bet you were
        so excited to see him, with a chopped blonde no less?

        but, I wish you had said “hello”……..

        it was his lucky day, and he didn’t get to have it……

        bummer for him, for sure. Of course he doesn’t know it.

        But I do.


      4. What a day. Out of the usual, that was for sure, especially the sunset hour.
        Well there are more tests, for manana to do for this — but I think they will be easier than today’s were.

        Oh Song. She? Well. Whew. Maybe he loves that type?.

        So strange to watch… there he was.


  8. Well, you are going to do wonderfully. I know you are. Just do.

    Men don’t know what type they like. They choose these blondes especially when they are older, because
    they don’t have the confidence, they used to and a blonde supplements their egos. Instead of growing older
    with dignity, and self awareness, they choose certain types, in order to feel that they have regained their lost youth. And most of them couldn’t have a blonde when they were young. Sort of more like choosing a sportscar, that is
    really, useless, but fun. Since most blondes have little intellectual acumen, or depth.


    Of course I am an exception here m’self,

    doncha know.


    1. she wasn’t that kind of blonde…not a monroe-ish type? a serious type who looked sad but he was attentive — my pal was watching the whole deal — whew,
      yeah what a day and no you are a special person —-!
      but there is so much cachet in blondes, for them… you are right.


      you are always right, you know?
      anyway she looked older than me……..

      oh eff it!


      at least they can have a conversation, seriously.


      what a day.


      1. well, I think it is magical that you saw him, on your day out, into the world.

        And I wouldn’t put a lot into who he was with? But that your paths crossed.

        I can’t imagine how happy he would be to have a conversation with you…

        he would be so happy.

        So? Next time?

        Say “hello”

        at least.

        Don’t deny a person the opportunity to experience their highest good?

        Meeting you would revive his whole career.


      2. now you made me laugh, but, he is brilliance out of reach — no probs.
        oh song.
        what a day.
        it was crossed paths, again.
        it was, but I have never forgotten the heart & mind


      3. You are brilliance out of reach to, if you can’t learn to open your mouth and say,


        Try that next time. Pour moi?

        You are brilliance yourself.

        you are.

        Brilliance meeting brilliance, is a good thing.

        Life love this kind of stuff.

        I am not kidding you.


  9. correction: Life LOVES, this kind of stuff. sorry, Ms. Editor for the typo? so so so sorry, there. you betcha.

    PS, I will call you tomorrow. Too late tonight

    what time is you appt?

    will call in evening.


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