canyon sunflowers…


Today was unusual in more ways than one.  I think it went well, but if not, it was practice.  Because I haven’t gone on an interview in oh, seven years or so.

Afterwards I decided to walk on the beach and I did for a very long time.  I picked a tiny bunch of canyon sunflowers and tucked them in my hat and I found a mussel shell that was so freshly blue and iridescent that it was almost magic.  Talismans.

But what happened after was really something.  I ran into this magical gypsy woman I know from a different era on the beach and she said “want to walk?” and we did.  After that we had a coffee and, you will never guess who came to the restaurant.

Him.  On a date.  I guess.  It was so unbelievable I’m not even sure how it happened, but, he was photographig the sunset and I was talking about how to paint the sunset with my friend because she wants to do oils and, there he was.

I cannot tell you.  I just can’t.  Because?  well…

OMG x 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 OMG’s.

Have you ever just peeked out from under your hat because, well, the object of your affections was suddenly in the restaurant you were in and he was with this clipped looking blond type and, well, you were just peeking except there were his hands that were the very first thing you ever noticed and well then there was the whole thing about intellect and heart and intelligence and so forth that just floored you to begin with?

So there you are discussing how to use oils under the most romantic sky.

He is six feet away, and they are probably going home together.

You want to look because, well, curiosity — but you can’t.


2 thoughts on “canyon sunflowers…

  1. Happy New Year, dearest. I love how you write. I love that you had this magical day. Time for us to have another phone visit. Wishing you countless magical moments.


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