red stilletos (a short story)

“Those are so…”



“They are.”

“You look…”



“Do you like them?”

“Well, I’ve just…”

She wiggled the shoe off and let it dangle from one toe while she laughed a little at his bemused expression.

“Why are you laughing?” he asked, looking charming.

“No reason.”

He was wearing a sort of zip-up oatmeal-colored turtleneck.

She smiled recalling all the shoes she’d known.

How interesting it was going to be walking on the beach with these on.

“Would it help if I gave you my arm to hold?”


“What if I carried you?”

“That would work.”


red stilletos ~ copyright Valentine Bonnaire 2010 ~ all rights reserved

6 thoughts on “red stilletos (a short story)

    1. hahahahaha!

      but things aren’t like that, no?


      Actually I just had an idea about revisiting my old genre for a mo…
      a little kindle thing I just thought up.

      hugs song and today I did two pastels of the island — one is for you — while I am waiting to hear back, hanging around here waiting is depressing so? Out! back to the same place and in a reverie with my pastels on the beach.


  1. Oh Bonnaire, you had me smiling all day, with this post. You are so funny. priceless.


    I am so glad you are painting. I love your paintings!!

    Most of all, enjoy yourself. No matter what. Are you near that beach you showed me?

    Hopefully you will receive good news tomorrow. who knows about things like this?

    PS: Birthday gift is being mailed tomorrow.

    I want you to have a happy day!


    1. Don’t you dare. But, I’m so glad you laughed at that flash fiction piece. One hundred words on the button.


      hope to hear soon the suspense is killing me — I was using dry pastels today, not oils but, did I ever get the looks and compliments on those two.
      same beach with the canyon sunflowers — no, it’s a locals beach nearby my place? Not the nice one I showed you.


  2. Happy Birthday to you Bonnaire. I am so glad to know you. I appreciate all you have done to make my world
    a better world.

    Love to you

    Your friend,



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