3 thoughts on “a tiny quote…

  1. I sync with that. of course love ee too. ….tried to call, maybe too early or dinner. I will try again tomorrow?

    Is that ok?

    Was up very late last night, writing. I am now on 45,000 words. Slow, I know, but i tend to read and reread because I forget what i write?


    well the story is a bit of a labyrinth..

    hope you know how i miss you.

    here is a hug.

    love to you.



  2. Hello Bonnaire, talked with you tonight. Don’t think you are reading this. I sent you an email too. I am so glad you have your Facebook Page. It is wonderful to see you there. I am sure your friends are glad to see you too.

    I always enjoy talking with you, and I hope that we talk again soon.

    love to you



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