Valentine says, “this might be good!”

A sweetie of a recipe…

I’ve had a temporary break from the whole of it.  Truly.  I’m disgusted with politics and politicians right now.  Several ages ago I compared Obama to a popover.  And that got picked up over here in a funny way!

Well, hmm.  I can’t help wondering what has transpired since in ol’ New York foodie circles.

Right now I see Palin as the lava cake in the recipe above.  Men seem to adore her from all the parties?

Seriously.  She seems to have a molten core at least when I watched her on TV the other day.

All I can say is that all, and I mean ALL of the men in the jacuzzi I was in the other day were talking politics.  I was with four of them and I listened to them all.  The convo ran the gamut.

There was a green, a conservative, a dem and a republican in that hot water.

But the common denominator was her.

She had them at the wink?  I think.  They dug it then, and now.

The way this might work for her is because when they vote for her it will be because of longing?

That lil ol’ wink has the same power O’s logo had on the masses.  Only this time?

Think fillings?

Where there was air last time around.


Personally?  I’m like “is there a serious person available any place in the States?”

If so, could you please come to the fore.  We need something in the middle range, no?

In the meantime this was also a humor-filled take on “pastry politics” — !

Or this one  — from the cupcake squadron…

I tend to take Panetta very seriously when he says something.  I like his face.  I do.  So, in honor of him here is a California recipe!


A different take is from this writer, who I follow because he is smart.

Palin, Intellectual Lightweight

Sarah is still just a small town girl. Nothing wrong with that. I applaud her for having the courage to take on the entrenched interests in Alaska. But that does not mean you have the ability and skill to bring leadership in Washington. We already are suffering at the hands of an intellectual lightweight with no significant experience running any organizaiton who also is a consumate egotist. Now we have Sarah, who can’t even remember off-the-cuff what her three key messages are. Sorry, but certainly not ready for prime time.

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