2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day! (I hope you had a great one).

  1. well your first Valentine you posted was lovely, and I enjoyed seeing what you chose, because you have a knack for expression. Who wouldn’t want your heart? Then today…..

    ……have been writing on and off all day, and I did receive a message that they had received my submission, so, whatever….Don’t put much faith in things, so I am actually very disassociated from processes like these? The object is to let go, and let the process occur…..I have no qualms with that. But at the back and the front of my mind, is your story, your Heart of Clouds. Now that is writing. Par excellence. and I think about it a lot……..I do.

    I wanted to be well-rounded, and learn to communicate with words…and I am doing that..which gives me even greater understanding of what it means to be a “writer”……..but I am not a writer because I don’t have to write…I have to play music. Writing is:

    Somewhat like learning a concerto, Bonnaire. Somewhat……..but a concerto is what I play, that no one will ever hear? Trust me, I’ll not be playing with the Phoenix symphony anytime soon. So? That is my labor of love. I had to have one thing in my life, that I did for the sheer love of it…..without one thought of what it was worth, and knowing I would never get paid for it…that was what the concerto was about.

    For writers? it was meaningful to send a short 10 page manuscript to someone who can say something or nothing? Just because they will read it…and then they might say, “I like that!” or nothing…but? At least writers have the potential to be “heard”

    how good is that? I think it’s very nice that someone will read what I wrote.

    Yet I love the thought of the right person reading what you wrote more. I do.

    i miss you that goes without saying, and I am glad, very glad that you are putting your beautiful love story into a screenplay. I think that it really has the capacity to be both–wonderfully. not everyone can write such a love story. and as i told you, I visited your site where you shared some of it, several times.


    btw…noticed today a rogue wave came to the California coast…..and again your story entered my mind. But then, you are always very much in my mind… trying not to bother you much, though…

    you don’t seem to want to talk….



    1. You aren’t bothering me! Just look at what you just said. ps: you wrote all that? ahem. I have something for you in today’s post so come back, K?
      I was having fun on twitter with puns… only because, well. Warmups! ps: some of my old pals are in there? Writerly types I knew from earlier.
      It’s a very fast medium! For stuff. I follow Advice to Writers — always super — and they had this on Updike just now so I watched it and here it is for you.


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