2 thoughts on “A great video for writers… on faith and the writer.

  1. That was nice of you to dedicate to “my friend song” because if I would want to be anything, now that I have lived in this world for quite some time, it would be, to be your friend. Because I have no emotional attachment to what I create–I learned that from being in a job for so many years, where the fruits of my mind were often taken for granted, it is easy to let go, not necessarily in faith, nor in writing because of faith, rather writing because it meant something to you…and because you are my friend, I made it my desire to understand why writing means so much to you. I understand you better now than I did. I know why I offended you once when you were writing your novel. It is those things which bothered me for a long time. And I tried to be a steady friend for you because you needed one..at the time.

    Because of your writing– I found out that words can make me feel……when they are put the right way. I have a discerning heart. You see, it is because you spoke to my heart with your words, that I wanted to try to write. Maybe I am the one who had the Heart of Clouds, maybe we all do…..and now, I have come steadily closer to earth, rather than being perched so high above it all, waiting for the wind to turn my form into fleeting vapors

    The world is big enough for the expressions of us all, and though I will never consider myself a writer, as the only identity which comforts me, is music, I can at least say–I articulated an idea, there is feeling behind it–and in my heart, because I had the longing once to write a novel, just as I had the longing to play a concerto–once these longing were accomplished, a shine ensued from the light within me, through another facet I added to the rough diamond I started as.

    As for you, when your work is published, I will be content. My heart will be at peace with the world.


    1. I’m so happy to know a person like you, Song. ps: wait till you see this video I just watched on screenwriting. And, what you wrote above was beautiful.
      “Maybe I am the one who had the Heart of Clouds, maybe we all do”

      This is the crux of my novel, Song. So bless you for putting it that way?



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