Thinking about the screenplay for “HEART OF CLOUDS” — my novel.

Okay so, what I wrote the other day was very thin.  Very thin.  Over the summer I had this fab epiphany while I was out on a jaunt by this large body of water near where I live.  I had about five CD”s in the car.  I was looking at the water and if I played Chopin and looked at the banks it could have been Wind In The Willows.  If I changed that over to Senegalese music it was “the Veldt.”

An oasis in the Veldt.  An elephant would have made it Africa?  So.  When I watched the beautiful cranes that live there — and played some zen flutes it was like a basho haiku?  In this way a mood is set.

So, I know what the whole story is about because I wrote it.  But, film is done with visuals, music and image.  All you get is dialogue to work with.  And it moves very fast.  Very fast.  One page of a screenplay is equal to one minute on film.

How to tell a story that way is what I am going to be doing.  So, I’m just tossing around the ideas for what an opening would be like with the leitmotif of the heart?  I like that image of the blue sky heart — so that might be an opening frame.  As the credits roll.  Then, the heart that Teenie is going to see in the sky could float away from that — off by itself.  I like all the sky imagery so we might see all of that turn colors?  Like day into sunset with same images.  Here I would have to decide if I want the stone heart in the cave to appear.  I think so.  Because that ties the whole together, so we would fade to the heart of stone that Devlin carved.

This could all be done with Photoshop pretty easily — so low cost.  In fact I really like that the more I think about it.  End of film could close on the stone heart and then become the heart in the sky!  How fab!  There, I have it!


One of the good things about Celtx is that it is magical!  I can link to images that will be needed as well as objects.  Really happy about that ability to use the visuals that way.  I was doing that as I blogged the novel.  So that initial image I saw was this!

Then I made my banner.  But my baner was the “escaped heart” — just half of it?  I only showed a portion of that in the banner.

My novella being written for 2009!So, now you can see how the heart moves away by itself!


based on my novel “HEART OF CLOUDS” that I wrote in NaNoWriMo in November of 2009.  I wrote it under VB-Demoiselle.  So, here is my virtual copyright!  I want to send my things to WGA — so, I’m going to.  Just as soon as I get some money.  That is here!


I joined in here under my real name!  So, there are no mix-ups.  I am also using my facebook page to discuss screenwriting tidbits I learned from the fab people at the Writer’s Conference.

And just for a funny twist?

This book I own is going to make you laugh and laugh… (the cover art!)


You see, I do want to get paid for it.  I really do.  Bigly.  Two places I would give money to are the fab Nanowrimo and the other is the Writer’s conference that has given so much to me.  So much.

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