Why writers need a few things.

Like a great location, a little peace, and a gaze out over landscape.  Well, I came to a few conclusions yesterday.  I’ve been gone again — just like last time.  I have reached an impasse in my life.  The ultimate impasse.  The litttle house I wanted has been sold.  I could have had it.  I really could have.  I am so pissed off you would not believe it.  I loved that house.  I could have written for ever there and, it could have been mine.  But, just like with every effing thing I ever wanted the answer is always no!

I am tired of having to say okay to no.  I really am.

I know where I want to live and it is down there by the sea so at least I can have a puppy and smile.

I am trapped and I want out.

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