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It occurs to me that we need to make interventions in the field.  When I was out driving around I saw how this might be done in a holistic fashion to address alienation by using community building techniques.

I will attempt to explain my logic on this by using two creekbeds as a metaphor.  One was a natural creek that flowed to the sea.  It was full of plastic refuse and little batteries.  This is damaging our oceans.  The second creekbed must have  been built in the 50’s.  It was cement lined.  It was also graffitied.  It occurs to me that the graffiti is mark-making not unlike the caves at Lascaux?

What might be done is that the cement lined creek could gain a new aesthetic if kids were “employed” and given training in masonry?  Also i took some selections of natural plants that thrive on low water and seeds that self-sow?  These could be used to do the landscaping.  As I passed a little church I looked at how barren the landscape was.  A program to “sow” these native plants that would thrive could take the place of the lawn?  This could help elimininate the use of pesticides to maintain the lawn.  These are also flowing into the sea.

A program like this to re-sow and create aesthetic beauty in the landscape would do two things.  The creation of beauty would lead to pride?  Pride in the landscape.  It would also create bonding.

Here were two creeks both flowing to the sea.  The cement lined creek had crows dipping in the water and graffitied walls.

The natural creek had toxins dumped by an unthinking populace that lived upstream.

Isn’t there a measure that can meet this halfway?  I think so.

On the dashboard of my car are the plant samples I took that would fit in both areas.

As plants thrive, so do human beings.

On my beach walk I am seeing dying pelicans on the sand.  We need to address this not just here but globally.  A model can be built and taken worldwide.

When I worked in the rehab I understood the mark making to be not unlike storytelling?

So, think of graffiti as Lascaux.  Circa 21st century.

18 thoughts on “Ecopsychology — Depth Psychology — tx planner notes — field interventions — Book of Hearts

  1. Life, filling the void.

    that is what you are suggesting here. otherwise something else will?

    life, filling voids in a systemic way, will preserve life, and perpetuate positive natural growth.


    1. I am coming up with a tx planner that can use cloud computing in the web like in our blogs song? it’s really good. When i was away I thought it up. Also doing field studies like this? Hope my school will recognize the work I am doing. Can’t wait to talk to you, again and miss you. Wish i could come visit. maybe next month I can for a day or two. I am so pissed at these circumstances I am in, Song.


  2. this is a holographic idea, with virtualisation using cloud computing, allowing social networks to
    work on what is vital in a wholisim of co-operation. Allows the concrete and the wave functions
    to congeal.

    yup. beyond brilliant.


    1. Thank you! You understood it, I knew you would and it isn’t your field — but see? Your intellect — solidly left brain science/music understands when I speak from my right brain. Oh thank you! Now for some $$$$ from somebody. I am tired of working for nothing. I had so much more I wanted to tell you, OMG. But I will later. I can’t tell you how great it was to hear your voice again and my fingers are crossed on your tale and the lit agency too.

      I can’t wait to come out there Song, and visit, and see my mom’s ld friend Jan too. Also one of my little brothers friends lives there too! Yay! that’s three! xxoo!


  3. Right brain? I see you as a whole brain thinker, Bonnaire. You thoughts were, (to use an overused word) wholistic. As for me and left brain? You really think so? hmmmm
    the conversation was too short. It was so good to hear your voice. I love to talk to you. Yup.

    As for the book, well I hope for the response and yet, the best was in the creating of it even though the research was exhausting and then translating it into the story was harder.

    I have been interrupted here? will be back.



  4. “Would it be possible to develop the imaginal conciousness post age nine?”

    yes, yes!!! I say yes!

    I think we have great potential through blogs, journals, and group pages to communicate, to project our hologram into the world, in the wave form? And I think that is what some people do with their blogs, they reveal their lives. So I think of this as a continuum of communication which is a human need/requirement.


    it was great talking to you too. Always is.


  5. From an interview with Michael Talbot, and I will paraphrase:

    Reality and a hologram can manifest in two ways as a concrete image and as an indecipherable blur. If the universe is a hologram there may be two drastically different levels that we see. One reality we see, the other level dissolves into an ocean of energy.


    So what you are saying is that we can take an abstract representation like a content cloud, and utilize it to gather more clarity, about facts and ideas, and if utilized in a therapeutic way, the tool would allow what is “blurred” in the quantum world, to become focus-able, am I correct?


  6. so it is a wholism approach, in a way, using the digital domain to “measure” or “perceive” massive bits of blurry information, and channeling it into an understandable abstraction by using semiotics–and “clouds” of words, which would offer the practitioner the opportunity to understand “meaning” which is the supposed crux of semiotic studies.


    And in a way, the client is given the freedom to construct their own “measuring instrument”, because of the random way that clouds are generated through the logarithms.


  7. cry of the heart, a lament…..

    Whom will you cry to, heart? More and more lonely,
    your path struggles on through incomprehensible
    mankind. All the more futile perhaps
    for keeping to its direction,
    keeping on toward the future,
    toward what has been lost.

    Once. You lamented? What was it? A fallen berry
    of jubilation, unripe.
    But now the whole tree of my jubilation
    is breaking, in the storm it is breaking, my slow
    tree of joy.
    Loveliest in my invisible
    landscape, you that made me more known
    to the invisible angels.

    rainer rilke

    in my many hours alone, I have treasured his words, especially his duino elegy #9…..

    ein mal jedes nur ein mal,
    ein mal und nichtmehr….

    just once to have been here just one
    just once and nevermore..

    then he says:

    but to have been here just once
    that is irrevocable..

    …sometimes in my saddest hours Adrienne….i find strength in those words
    knowing somehow, the powerful mystery of this life here is so sacred, so important..
    that the meaning is just in being here…..just in being here.


  8. take care of yourself with that cold…

    you are an early riser too…

    can you take a nap in the middle of the day?

    do you have any Vitamin C or orange juice?


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