Ecopsychology — Depth Psychology — Book of Hearts — tx planner — imaging the soul — Titan theme — notes on use of + a guide

From Twitter:

RT @programmingns Amazing Scene – Soul out of Body A very cool way to make a picture of your soul in Photoshop


I found these programmers because they had beautiful nature scenes as wallpapers not long ago and I follow their stream in twitter a bit, but today they had this really great thing.  Using Photoshop to show a picture of your soul.

When we talk about using Depth Psychology to assess and treat we look for the human mythos in order to do “soul work.”

So, a really good technique from Art Therapy would be to think about making a design like this?  You could make a picture of your soul and share it with somebody else.

I was looking at the theme WordPress came up with called Titan and I think it would be a really great place to start if you wanted to have a place for a series of pictures like that.  Narrative therapy makes use of the technique of writing.

I’m going to set up a test blog style for all of that.  I’m still thinking about how it could be used, though.

We had talked about the use of Cloud Computing and blogs as a “portrait of self” — almost like a mirror image in a way.  (reference Kohut and Klein here).

These are just notes I am making as I develop this treatment paradigm.  Have to keep thinking about it.  I feel really lucky though, this morning.  All the right things flashed by in my twitter stream this morning.  Yay!

Here is a picture of that blog style Titan!

Thanks Noel, (the designer) for this totally fab design in WordPress.  I’m going to do a test using your theme for a huge Ecopsychology project in here.

Here is the demo site for the blog theme Titan.

What I loved were the parent and child pages.  Also the ease with which a picture, text or music could be uploaded.

To me, it is simple and elegant and perfect for this tx planner.  Also it goes with the programmer’s link above off twitter.  What you could do is use Photoshop to make a picture of what you thought your soul looked like?  And then you could write a little about that too, because the Titan blog style has a place for that.  You could also post music that you felt was part of your soul?

One of my favorite teachers at Pacifica Graduate Institute wrote this book:

It’s a really good book about this subject of  “soul” and this tx plan I am working out!

Also, it is written in a way that everyone can understand, too.


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