Idesville & demographics…

It is the Ides of March today.

Don’t get me wrong about what I wrote to the two of you.  The Velvet Babe is big, big business.

For one thing, there has never been anything remotely like her.  She is my magic character and I would only entrust her to a screenwriter like Rodger Jacobs.

Also, I have long wanted to see Rodg in a grand place like Los Feliz.  He has been my friend virtually since we both defended Kate Braverman.  Plus, I know few that can write like that.

I’m not my father.  I missed my father growing up and so…


Rodg showed me him years and years after I was never permitted to see him again by my mother.

Years and Years.

Branding VB will be easy.  Beyond easy.

I want to help Marcia too.  Whatever happened at the Writer’s Conference has not been fair to her.  We go way back to our days at the paper and I don’t think what happened is fair.  Here is the daddy I knew, down in Hermosa.  He used to make bullfight films too, once.  My big dream is that we make so much money we buy the old hotel that the Conference used to be held in?  And we each get our own little writerly permanent cottage by the sea.  I had a picture in here my dad took of me linked to a chapter from “whitegirrrl” at this link but it seems to be gone?  Anyway, I have plenty of his stills on hand in boxes around here.  Here is that piece:

This is the great dad I knew below.  Before his descent into whatever.

I don’t write VB in this blog.  But I have a second screenplay for Rodg if he agrees.  Another good one over at CS.  I was told about that one by my editor Bob,  that it was a total tease.  He loved it.  So will they all.

And we?  Will get that hotel.  Just say yes.  It’s that easy.  And glam.

Rodg and I suffering in our childhoods made us the writers we are today.  I think he is the greatest, Ken.

The greatest.

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