Heart of Clouds — ideas — and ScriptFrenzy! (starts April 1st).


It doesn’t actually start until April 1st, but there is a wealth of information to read at their site above.  Go check it out!

My novel and screenplay HEART OF CLOUDS

Here is a piece on knowing your story…

In some ways I have been afraid to look back at the story I wrote in November at NanoWriMo.  There are some jagged parts I need to rewrite in the text and I know what those are for the novel.  Why I am not worried is because I like the themes in the novel and so these miniscule parts are going to change anyway as I change the form of the writing over.  I think I will re-read it today and work on the outline a little.  It’s scary a bit?  But this is going to be fun to focus this much on this project.

I feel that I know the characters inside and out and I have written the dialogue that way in terms of scenes.  So, now it is a matter of going back and reading the novel and figuring out an outline.  Those are all things I can work on before April.

16 thoughts on “Heart of Clouds — ideas — and ScriptFrenzy! (starts April 1st).

  1. going back doesn’t seem to be in your nature but this work, deserves your honed skills.

    but you aren’t worried and that is good news isn’t it?


  2. read your recipe above. sounds wonderful. maybe you could make hotdogs and make them sound good though.

    the music?

    doesn’t go with risotto.

    would be better with fish n’ chips wrapped in newspaper, with grease coming out of the bottom of the cone.



      1. I just knew you weren’t a militant food snob….

        your secret is totally safe with me?

        do you like mustard with yours? or everything.


  3. well, adding to your food theme tonight, and geez, I was thinking about food songs, and I wanted to find an old food song doncha know. so? hmmmmm….I had to think for awhile, then? Irving Berlin!



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