a simple semi-vegetarian dinner, very light…

Take two big portobello mushroom caps and discard stems.

Make risotto — I used some from Lundberg farms — Butternut squash.

Saute some shallots to taste.  I had sauteed some bacon for the salad and so I did them in that for flavor.  Mix with the cooked risotto and heap into the large mushroom caps.  Grate some parmesan over the top and bake for 20 minutes.  Splash a little olive oil into bottom of the pan.  350 oven.

Fry about four strips of bacon, and wash half a bunch of fresh spinach.  Slice two or three oranges in circles and cut off the skin so they look like octagons.  Arrange on top of the spinach and dress with olive oil plus a squeezed orange.  Toss crumbled bacon over the top.


I was listening to the Strokes, so:

served with buttered toasted Ciabatta,

It was decent.

like that.

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