Cheeverville & Updikeville and the movie “The Swimmer”

I can’t help thinking of this film when I am at the Y.  I didn’t realize it was based on a short story of Cheever’s.  By the pool I am reading Updike.  “The Afterlife.”  I’m reading it very slowly and I look up a lot because there is so much going on, poolside.  Whole short stories.  Intact.

Carverville.  A land I inhabit in the mo.  Updike is just like that in this book I am reading.  My fave short story was “Conjunction,” so far.  OMG.  The writing.

I want to be able to write in the same way that documents an era.  I read Cheever when I was in high school.  But never Updike until now.  It’s so truthful it captures the brutality of having an eye like that.  One thing about these writers I admire?  Cheever, Carver and now Updike…

Same eye.

The house in this movie The Swimmer reminds me of last summer.

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