The tail end baby boom’s memoir, and writing it… “whitegirrrl”

So, Alphonse Mucha was an artist I loved very much at age 13.  I loved Art Nouveau and still do as a style.  There was just a tremendous amount of it around in the 70’s.  I’m calling this memoir “whitegirrrl” because it is about white girls.

I’m not sure that my generation has been represented on the page yet.  Some parts of writing it are like pulling teeth it’s so hard.  Yesterday was like that.  But?  I want to tell the truth on the page the way that my writer idols do.

They are all writers of Literary Fiction.  Contemporary writers.

They have a Canon?

The canon that they are in is the one I would dream to be in as well.

The only way you can get there is truth on the page.

Yesterday was very hard so today I’m going to take a day off.  I edit later?  I saw a couple of clumsy sentences this morning — but editing is not a problem for me.  When I was on the writer’s list I got used to it — not only in my stuff but also the other’s pieces.

In a way, not editing means a human wrote it?  Because you can see the mistakes, and I’m glad of that.

So “whitegirrrl” is a feminist coming of age tale told in flashbacks in a sense.  It covers three generations of women in a way — my grandmother, my mother, and myself — with assorted other women I know as well.  I want it to be a deep read — I do.

Hardly anyone from my generation speaks deeply about things so, I feel it is up to me to illuminate what has been a shadowed area of feminine life.  When I was on the writer’s list many of us bemoaned the fact that hardly any truthful stories were being written.  As I have been reading Updike, poolside, it’s like looking at a master paint a canvas with an economy of words.

Some of his ending sentences?


Here he is in a short film.  This is about his Canon.  It matters to me because of my education in the Liberal Arts.

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