Image I am thinking about for this month!  The lotus heart.  That is the place I wrote Heart of Clouds from, and this is the image I’m keeping in mind.  I was used to short stories — writing them and getting them published in the web but before last November and NaNoWriMo, a novel seemed out of reach.  But, thanks to them?  I made it!  I love the book I wrote and now, thanks to NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy I’m going to translate it over into a screenplay!

Heart of Clouds is based upon this beautiful image I saw in the web!

I began to write to the image, anda novel I am really proud of came out!

Now it is a matter of rethinking the text into images and dialogue.  I started a bit ago, but, now it is the real thing!  Today.  Like when I was writing the novel I will blog daily, but, if I hit a hard spot?  It will be the same as the novel and I’ll go on hold again, sort of.  November and the writing process was exhausting.

So, here we go, and here were my thoughts!

I have a fabulous free download from Celtx that is screenplay writing software.  I figure i can learn as I go?

Hope so.  I have written the novel into about 24 chapters, so, each chapter has to translate into four pages of text per day — A screenplay runs 98-100 pages.  So, it’s something like that… four or five pages a day.

Thankfully, twitter will alow me to stay connected to others who are also doing this!  (That really helped during Nano, and also the Script Frenzy site itself, just like Nano’s is like a giant clearing house of tips, friends and fun!


I wrote the novel as VB-Demoiselle and that is my name in Script Frenzy, too!

(That is my page!)

Okay, here goes!


(back later with, well, the rest!)

UPDATE!  first three pages, I did it! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! very proud of self and thanks CELTX! YAY!


need to eat now, and am going to read up on Syd Field’s book too — need a break & starving hungry—–


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