SCRIPT FRENZY DAY 2! — HEART OF CLOUDS — is to page seven! OMG.

I can’t even believe it myself!  I was up so late last night, OMG.  But?  My novel fits this like a glove.  The scenes and the dialogue are falling into place even though the writing is so different from the novel.  Boy do I ever have my two teachers to thank from the SB Writers Conference.  Do I ever.  I loved those classes so much, I really did.  I don’t think there will be a conference this year — but, I feel confident about this story, the literary agent and have fingers crossed.  Will be back later because writing Mr. Honeygarten’s place next.  If I get to page 10 today?  OMG!

(Dancing around my kitchen piled high with a mess but so what.  My uncle Spence was just like this in my childhood.  I remember the films he edited upstairs at his house on Cahuenga.  We ate out at the Formosa when he was working and I like to do that too.)  I can’t believe I reached page 7 on this little sleep.


a snippet of how it looks — the format might not translate over from Celtx to WordPress but here goes!


DEVLIN’S grandfather JESS and his GRANDMOTHER are busy rustling around in their cluttered, warm, old-fashioned kitchen fixing dinner.  They are like hippies from the 70’s.  The room gives off a warm glow as the light reflects off all the pottery objects and cast iron pans hanging from the wooden walls.  A large shiny oval farmhouse table almost groans with the dinner it is laden with. Big pottery platters hold barbequed chicken, cornbread, salad from his grandfather’s garden, baked beans and a giant chocolate cake that has been decorated with pansies and candles takes center stage, alongside the fall centerpiece.


What did you do today, son?


Worked on the hut.


How’s it coming along?


Almost done.


Your dad called.


He did?


He wondered how you were getting along.


Tell him I’m fine, Grandpa.


Are you Devlin?


I miss mom a lot.


I know you do, son.

JESS pulls an old ukulele out from a pine hutch and begins to strum it.  He hands it to Devlin.


I found this old thing out in the garage. It was mine when I was a boy.


You played that?


(his eyes are twinkling and smiling)

I think that’s how I won your grandmother’s heart. That, or my old harmonica.


(peals of rich laughter float from her)

I really don’t think you need to give that boy any ideas, Jess.

JESS hands DEVLIN an old HOHNER harmonica, as he smiles at his wife.  DEVLIN blows into it, but it just squeaks a little.


(smiles warmly at her grandson)

Practice makes perfect, Devlin. Practice makes perfect, and we all know that. The two of you ought to have supper now.

Celtx is a fab program.  Wow.  It didn’t translate but, Celtx lets you format it perfectly!


3 thoughts on “SCRIPT FRENZY DAY 2! — HEART OF CLOUDS — is to page seven! OMG.

  1. know you are busy. no need to return comment. your story, heart of clouds—is perfect for a screenplay.
    wonderful work here and ahead for you


    1. Song! It’s coming together like you cannot believe. It really is! I cannot believe how it is. It was meant to be a film? That is the dialogue I wrote and that is the novel but you can see how different it looks in that form. I’m not too busy. I’m glad you came by.


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