Script Frenzy — Heart of Clouds took two days off, but back on track now.

This is a really nice song by Pearl Jam.  It would be great when I get to the dream sequence in the screenplay where my character Devlin Underwood’s mother arrives.  I love this “no code” album they did in the 90’s.

So, I need about 6 pages today to catch up, or more.  I was thrown off track by a convo I had with an old friend — it reminded me more of the memoir I’m writing, and this movie which has so many truths in it about my whole generation.  I’ve written before how the Annette Bening character is my mother.  Not her, but very much like her.

So, I watched that film a few times and some others, and it rained and Easter Sunday came and went, and I thought about my little brother and I and the stuffed bunnies and easter baskets our mom always had for us as kids.  We used to wake up and they would be at the foot of our beds like surprises.

Friends of hers used to bring little duckings or rabbits by.  As they grew up we had to release them into the wild — which was hard to do, when you are a little kid.

The memoir is very tough territory.  That’s all I can say.  I expect that writers come to terms with themselves, no?  Doing one.

Anyway.  I came to truths about myself after that convo.

Time to really change my life for the better, soon.  Yep.  I want to.

Alrighty.  Hope you had a fab Easter if you came by and now going to work on those 6-7 pages I need.

I think I have some scenes coming up where I already did the dialogue.

Back later!

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