Screnzy day 8. So this is how it feels.

I have had a bizarre few days — talking to an old friend out of the blue.  Adopting a stray.  Named Blossom.  Beautiful.  The screenplay went on hold over three days.  This happens.  I was thinking of all the art films I’ve seen at the Nuart theatre and across life, itself.

Anyway, this fab film came up in convo.  Jarmusch’s first — one of my faves.  Here tis.

Rent it if you get the chance?  Like 80’s noirish documentation of that period, or something.

Also I am tweeting for Jerry Brown.  He is a fantastic Democrat — but, also very smart and can maybe save California I hope.  In the news the other day LA is going broke and going to shut down services.  Very scary news.  Blossom looks like this!

Okay so movie:

Maybe the dog will help.  New life in the house at last.

Thank god.

3 days and nothing — swim now write later.

I can see how difficult it is to be a screenwriter.  It is.  But, I am doing it.  I will.

I believe in HEART OF CLOUDS bigtime.  I wrote it.  I will screenwrite it.

3 thoughts on “Screnzy day 8. So this is how it feels.

  1. Wow a beautiful stray, a long lost friend, and Art films! What’s 3 days, when such treasures come your way?

    Hope you enjoyed your swim.

    love to you,



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