My new friend!

I am very lucky to have adopted this dog yesterday.  Her name is Blossom.  After all the parents went we had to take care of their animals to the end which was very difficult on the psyche.  The last decade was all about that.  This is now life.  She’s two and they clipped her fur for summer.  She is so fantastic.  So full of love.  Amazing.  I have never had an Akita before — she is purebred.  They are considered regal dogs in Japan.

She acts that way!

Getting nowhere last few days.

Nowhere.  Just feel too scattered to write.

Also the weather is so off — heat wave to cold in 25 degree shifts overnight.

She is such a fantastic creature.  I think Buddha sent her and relationship is karmic.

11 thoughts on “My new friend!

  1. Beautiful, and an Akita!

    You will love this dog, Bonnaire. I know a little about Akitas, and they are wonderful dogs.

    2 of my co-worker friends have Akitas. One time a repairman came to my friend’s house while she was at work to repair the sink, and her Akita quietly took all his tools and hid them. Then wouldn’t let him leave, until she came home from work



    1. hahahahahahahaah! I totally have this kind of feeling about her, too. I do. Very, very quiet and very very smart and these huge ears! Like she listens, so I am whispering my usual doggie talk of 1001 pet names and things. She is just a bundle of pure love and joy. I miss you alot!
      wish I could come out there but another emergency effing thing with having to do repairs again. It never ends, R. Never.
      She won’t be mine because he will absorb her, but, for a few days. I love her. It was love at first sight for me, and her tail? It was whirring around like a helicopter and because she is trimmed it looks like a gigantic paint brush! Waggs like mad all the day long. Waggs looking at you, and then she licks your face like a million puppie kisses! So much spirit and life. Fantastic. I knew he needed this. So did i.


  2. If you bond with her, as you are doing, she will be yours, she will. Akita’s take in their family, but? She probably was yours from the helicopter tail greeting. Love at first sight. And what could be better than a thousand kisses on your face from such a beautiful pup-soul, huh? This is a lucky dog, and a happy you, and I can just see you on the beach with Blossom…..

    I am so happy for you Bonnaire. I miss you all the time. Had to work, for a few days, and thought the job would be awhile, but? I finished it already.

    I was glad in your story when Devin got his pup? Hahahaha!

    This, of course is the better story, now that you have yours~~

    love you.


    1. I see your point about FB and why you don’t. Under real me, an imbecile is arguing politics. I’m green and sustainable like you. No poisons. No nuke power plants. Solar and Wind and Tide and this ass just told me I was misinformed. No. it would be insane to built more poisoned things into our environment.
      ps: I’m glad you found something. Leave a time to call and I will this weekend?
      sends a hug. She’s so beautiful Song. Wow. She was just there! She was. A Miracle.


    2. Why do people make such a point of arguing in the web? Insane. It really is. That ass in FB doesn’t even know me! He just hooked onto me because others know me. He made me as mad today as you were the other day for my sake. Ugghhhh. Now I am upset and can’t write. Horrible.


  3. FB? Oh Facebook. !


    Well, I am not fond of it because governmental agencies can use it for intelligence purposes, and though I have nothing to hide and neither do you, I just don’t like that potential for invasion of privacy, especially if I allow it. Hmmm.. Supreme court case Griswold v. Conneticutt, hahahaha~

    I hate to argue, and feel those emotions in my body. We are like tuning forks and the dissonant nature of undifferentiated emotion causes our whole system to go into dis-chord. Some people don’t feel that way, in fact they feed off of that energy…..A friend of mine in Phoenix is always contrary, and sometimes, I want to pull my hair out? But now? I just go silent….thinking in the words of Van Gogh, before he cut off his ear, “what’s the use?”hahaha.

    my goodness, huh?

    Stupid of him to call you misinformed. We need new ways to bring energy into this century, but right now the physics is still dichotomy-based. Then to go Green, there are 17 Rare Earth metals that China has almost a monopoly on, that are needed to manufacture wind power, and green cars…although there is a mine in California they are trying to open.
    And France is trying to figure out what to do with nuclear waste, because of the long life, of it. where do you put such toxic garbage? Tell him. How about your backyard!!! haha.

    I have a lot of minutes on my phone, and would really love to talk with you Bonnaire. I will call you tomorrow night? About 9. I think you are an hour behind? dunnno….I’ll look


  4. It’s evening, now. I hope you were able to work on your screenplay today. I know you wanted to, and that you have been busy.

    Got to thinking about the call, and really don’t want to bother you if you are writing, ya know? And I don’t want you worried about calling.

    So, I’ll see how your mood is tomorrow, and try, but if it isn’t a good time..DON”T answer it.


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