my happiness is to the south, miles away… “under the sun’s leaping glance”


under the sun’s leaping glance


escape is a door

the road away from things

small palapa on the sand

he (of any number of he’s) I’ve known them all


arrival in yelapa whole

blank pages

shuttered terrace

jungle horses

they arrive

slip silver charms around your ankles

your wrists

you dance

the moonlight sings over water

love, less chance for it now

the release

the leap off cliffs

the sea heaves

chaff, the boca of bitterness

the lost harness, and the bit of marriage

under the sun’s leaping glance

you walk out, unharnessed sunlight

your laugh caresses the sky

you say, I can find the strength inside to leave this

you walk out



the birds circle

there will be no one until the next arrives

his grin long and lean

limbs tensed

smile like a cocked bow

your arrowed heart

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