Ecopsychology — TERRAPSYCHOLOGY — intersection — thoughts — notes for tx planner…

So, I took a break yesterday and went up into the mountains with my husband.  I wish I had been able to really photograph the natural world by having a movie camera, or even a better still camera.  Anyway, here is Blossom on day seven.  She is so curious she likes to eat pieces of banana, and even oranges.  She has to be one of the smartest dogs I have ever had.

One thing about climbing into the hills when there is so much Spring — the wildflowers!  I cannot even describe the loveliness of the colors — lupines against the orange shale, fields of brillant orange California poppies.  Buttercups and Goldfields and Tidy Tips.  The purples and yellows cascading.  The damp squish of high Alpine meadows.  Tromping across the fields.

Here is a picture:

Up in the  hills and in Nature proper, you do not think about the problems our society is facing so much.  Song left me an article off the Huffington Post about the new garbage patch in the ocean. These are horrifying!  So, I was thinking about all of this and overconsumption and I watched videos and robotics — and I can’t help wondering where the world is going.  This was a very interesting little video, on a philosopher named John Zerzan.  As a psychotherapist, watching this makes me think of what I had talked about in terms of hatching a tx plan as an Ecotherapist.

As I looked at the news about space travel to Mars — what are we leaving on this planet?

Things like a garbage dump.  And what is becoming of people themselves?

As I looked at this video, I see much truth in Zerzan’s ideas.  One of the reasons I wrote Heart of Clouds was to address human disconnect — and reconnect.  If the themes are fictionalized people will get it.  Anyway, here is the Zerzan.

(It looks like I can’t connect to that video in youtube on the speck of dust?)

Here is the link to that film!

I have talked before about Sardello’s thesis and world soul or anima mundi.  In this video, as I look at it, I see the generation raised by machines as lost?  I do.  There is a disconnect to terra firma.

Here is Zerzan on technology:

A friend from my Pacifica days has written a book and he has a site on Terrapsychology which is an emergent field.

A wonderful piece of writing of his is here!

So, in the Zerzan we can think about the “disconnect” of psyche.  Or the dehumanization of humanity.

My idea of creating a tx planner for the web would address this disconnect by using blogs as “connectives’ in terms of Art and Narrative therapy.

I think we could be able to reduce the sociopathy by decreasing loneliness.

Anyway, just thoughts.

Dunno.  I myself am disconnected due to our state’s economic crisis.

If I were working, I would have less time to think.  It would really be nice to think there was a container in terms of academia but there is not.  I can’t afford to spend $150,000 on a Ph.D I’d like to get.   I just don’t want to go into debt.


Same dilemma.  Overeducated.  Overqualified.

At least maybe New Zealand has a job.

I look at my state as failing so hugely.  It really has.  I called the BBSE and because of work furloughs perhaps there is no anwser by the agency who licenses therapists.

What to do?

Try and work on Heart of Clouds.

19 thoughts on “Ecopsychology — TERRAPSYCHOLOGY — intersection — thoughts — notes for tx planner…

  1. Oh I missed you. I’ll call tomorrow Ok? Just checked my phone, 12 am Tuesday. duh.


    She looks very very sweet. I’d just want to hug her. She reminds me of a Buddha-sage! hahahahaha!


    1. I called on spur? Was talking also to my mom’s old friend as well. I thought of you as she was describing AZ and solace. Anyway, am speaking to some desert friends I know. Five of you are that? I want to try and make a trip out? So I called to sort of tell you about that! Just a short visit to your state, tell you more on the phone.


    1. I’m really sorry I missed your call. I never have the phone with me. I’ll try and call you tonight? I will. Have news. Miss you, and again, I’m sorry. I think I need my own phone, Song.


  2. Just finished talking with you Bonnaire. I think you are the most intelligent person I have ever met. You know so many things about so much! How is that for a sentence!!!!!!


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