Ecopsychology — Terrapsychology — Food Chain — Ethics — Children — Medications — notes for tx planner

So, I had been speaking about designing a new treatment planner called the Book of Hearts.  It’s based on the Ebers Papyrus which is an original medical document from Egypt.  You can see that in the Wikipedia at this link.

I had been researching the generation of EMO children and I came across some articles that may be of interest to the readers of this blog.  I applaud Senator Grassley’s efforts to reform medical ethics in America.  Here is an article on that.

Top US psychiatrist calls for ethics cleanup

Why this is important to me is because of this article and some research I have done on the generation of kids who may have been prescribed all of this.  There is a video at this website you can look at that is short, but explains some of this thesis.

I decided to run this video next to the one I have referenced before on EMO.

This is a fantastic video to watch in terms of “fatality” as roleplayed by these kids.

Here is another one:

So, in researching the art work that relates to these kids there is a lot of imagery relating to the heart itself.  Here is one such image I collected from the web:

Cutting seems to be a part of EMO culture.  You can view some images of that here at this search.

There is another article here, from Counterpunch written by Evelyn Pringle:

The Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers

We had talked about reality testing in terms of that genogram I am working out.  I was trained in Art and Narrative Therapy at Pacifica and I see a way to use the web for a form of diagnosing reality testing.

Of course, my approach is from an Ecopsychological perspective.

Here are depictions by EMO’s of their hearts.

That is one of the reasons I’m calling my approach “The Book of Hearts.”

I want to set up some way of using WordPress blogs (maybe the Titan theme) in order to set up an Ecopsychological group process.  I’m developing a new treatment paradigm and it would be really great if somebody wanted to help me fund it?  Via a grant to go back to Pacifica Graduate Institute.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  So is a heart.

I can’t afford to go into debt for the Ph.D and I really miss working.  So, I did all this research on my own over the last few years.  Here is another problem associated with all of this pharma entering the watershed and the food chain.

‘We Have To Find A Way To Stop This’

We are seeing species change?  Due to the runoff.

15 thoughts on “Ecopsychology — Terrapsychology — Food Chain — Ethics — Children — Medications — notes for tx planner

    1. Emotion and feeling are the same thing. One can have an emotion such as happiness — the feeling associated is happiness. Like that.
      It’s my feeling that there has been so much medication given to this gen of emo kids that they cannot differentiate feeling states. Hence the “cutting” — this is allowing them to feel something. Cutting like this is often seen when “feelings” are split off. But there is more going on here. Thanks for what you said. I’d really like a research grant to look into this further — however? Where that would come from is not clear. So I just did it for free because I haven’t been working. Thanks for what you said. There is tremendous suicidal ideation in this group. That worries me the most. I’d have to go back to that research piece from ages ago on what happens to a “yolkless” egg? What you get is a mass of the white and no yolk. Yolk being the heart. Medicated out.


  1. You’re welcome Adrienne. I have a lot I think about this, but not being a professional, nor having the credentials, what it would be would not have much merit.

    I do think that Love, is not from the heart alone, but also from the mind, and in this, I hope that the loving hearts and minds of those in the helping services will come to terms with the great need in our culture for changes not only in the ways we treat our children, but in the world we expose them to.

    As a scarred and tired survivor, I long for this for our children. I hope their parents expose them to nature, to the beauty of this world, and to the education that is based on their particular gifts and particular potential.

    enough said.

    love to you kid.


  2. I hope that your research is funded fully.

    I meant to add that. I meant to say it first. But i typed several answers before leaving the one I left.


  3. playing the guitar helps some of these children and it engages both sides of the brain.

    I hope you write that into your planner.


  4. So… just figuring, if you were doing a search of emo children why not speak to one instead of researching from afar? Every emo kid has a different point of view on the culture. I can tell you the points of where alot of them come from and I can also tell you where I come from.


      1. I got your HUGE comment which I am saving? K? You were so honest it almost hurts me? I am writing a novel right now, but end of November lets talk? Also I never use email anymore, just here — there are things in your comment I really want to discuss with you and you because of how honest you are? Might be interested in paticipating in something I am building for my school pacifica? A web based model for art/narrative treatment. Have to run now, but will get back later.


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