Comforting things to build by hand…

I found this great video by accident while I was looking at techniques on straw bale and adobe building.  Sunset magazine had the plans for one of these, once.  I always wanted to make it — but look how cool this one is!  A brick pizza oven from Glasgow.

There are free plans available at the link above.

I think what I want is slowness at this point in life.  Just slowness.  I look at my pottery studio in the garage and I really want to make a place where I can actually set it up.  Really.  I love to cook and I’d like a real space to garden, too.   These are things I want.  For myself.

When I first saw New Mexico and the northern parts of Arizona I loved it there.  Maybe it was all those pueblos I saw.  I love the Hopi and Navajo spirituality that is so ancient in that part of the country.

I just want to go there.

I feel very influenced by Georgia O’Keefe.  She just went.  It’s very beautiful in that landscape to me.  It seems like I should just be able to do something for me, for once.  What I want.  Instead of having to always do what he wants.  That’s how this is, here.

The odd thing is he bought me my potter’s wheel when we first met.  But then he didn’t really want me to actually do it.  I have a whole studio in my garage just waiting to be moved.  On my own I could have a great art studio.  I would probably get up and feel happy to be building things.  My grandfather was like that, and I’m like him.  I even have his old tool box from the turn of the century.  And his old garden tools.  I just want to create a life for myself, somehow.

Nothing has been as difficult as this last decade.  I want to find a way to keep my own spirit.

12 thoughts on “Comforting things to build by hand…

    1. I think this oil spill might be the Hopi Prophecy, Song. The sea turning black is one of the last things… All I can think of is four corners this morning. it’ll be good to talk! Miss you too.


  1. I did not know this about the Hopi Prophecy. This is a huge problem, no doubt, and I can’t think of one hopeful thing to say about it.


  2. I’ll take your word for it Bonnaire. You know about these things don’t you? Miss you my friend.

    I have been following satellite images, and it is getting larger by the day. And the dispersants?

    I was hoping that the insertion of a tube within the pipe would work, but so far it hasn’t because it is too hard to thread due to the intense pressure beneath the surface. We might as well have a leak on the moon and they know it. This was the world’s deepest well I believe, and well, the earth has those rules that no one has been following among the PTB for a long time.

    The news is not the news anymore. No one is reporting in the MSM with any vigor it seems.

    It worries me. This one does.


  3. Got my battery but can’t call tonight. I will call tomorrow if ok with you.

    Will be back later with comment if possible.


  4. You too. I will call you in the evening within the next few days.


    They have made a mess of it. That is all I have to say today. Who gives a flying fuck about objectivity?

    I don’t feel so objective today. Not a good day for me.


  5. I answered you on my blog that this might work, and it has. Logic. Logic. Logic. Why in the hell did they build a 4 story building first? Neanderthals.

    The problem is the pipe is 20 inches and the tube is 6 inches. Which leaves an area that is still leaking, but should cut it down about 1/3 which is logical, unless they have put a type of “seal” within the pipe. Not good enough. Do not understand why they didn’t put a 10 inch at least. Most probably due trying to thread a needle type of problem.

    Not thrilling news at this point. Never have understood the lack of proactive thinking in this world.


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