As above, so below…

This was the sky yesterday, above me.  I watched the clouds for a long, long time.  It’s better than watching the news in here.

Right now, my mind is wrapped around the oil spill and how scary that is for the coastal regions in the South and potentially the East Coast — assuming the Loop Current carries it.

Some time ago I did some research on the Hopi Prophecy.  I know, you’re thinking, geez.  But I did.

One of the very last signs in that is the sea turning black.  Well?

I look at all of this in a different way because of my training in Depth Psychology.  I see it as a metaphor not just for the oil spill, but in terms of the blackness in the world right now.  A world out of balance, entirely.

Here is a link to some of that Hopi thought if you want to follow it:

“Know your garden” — Hopi Elders

Yesterday when I was in the market I looked at all the plastic packaging that we are surrounded with.  It’s poisoning the sea and yet people do nothing about that.

The only timeless thing seems to be the sky.

I am tired of worrying about the world.

I don’t think I have ever been so exhausted in my whole life.  I’m exhausted by the political liars, the evil, and the stupidity right now.

I decided to change my blog header to reflect the way that I feel.

Empty, like the sky.

Empty of illusion.

The Hopi Prophecy talks about going to the four corners area — that certain people will make their way there.  I would like to.  I really would.  I would like to live close to the land under great swaths of sky.  I’m sure it would be a lot calmer than where I live now.  Simpler.

Anyway, I have the luxury of time to watch the clouds, moving.

21 thoughts on “As above, so below…

  1. “I see it as a metaphor not just for the oil spill, but in terms of the blackness in the world right now. A world out of balance, entirely.”


    trying not to bother you….skydaughter.


  2. Oh Bonnaire. I miss you so much. I just wrote myself into and out of a labyrinth, and Now? well I am thinking about the Four Corners, and the Blue Star Kachina. I am feeling what you are feeling sometimes.

    eve? yes. I will charge up the battery.


  3. no, you don’t know how I feel. Just because you are a genius doesn’t make you all knowing.

    So. You don’t need to chastise me. I have my talents too.

    and writing is not up there on the list. I hate to look at my writing. I hate using youtube for music when I play it myself.


    1. Oh. I just was going to erase my blog as well? But decided not to. You are right I don’t know how you feel? Your blog goes through changes and reincarnations! It leaves when it wants to…. that’s all. I’m not chastising? I missed you? Like that. So I went to find you, and it was gone again!


  4. This is the best thing I wrote in all my attempts:


    Who among us has the ability to bring emotions from the heart with the power of the pen? A person who is one in a million. (and then there’s the rest of us, huh?) but everyone should try.

    My friend, Adrienne, has written a powerful book, in a very intense month of Nanowrimo, which sets up a goal of a 50,000 word Novel, in 30 days. She has done more than try? Her book is a transgenerational story about Love, and Nature, and Friendship, set on the coast of Southern California in a small town. Well?

    Heart of Clouds is magical, and heartwarming, spiritual and real. A world we all either have inhabited, or wish we inhabited. First love. Friendships. Life lessons. And Dreams, that lead to the depths of the Living Sea.


    Just read her daily updates.

    If I could write a Novel like this in less than 30 days? You would have to pull me from the Clouds, because that is where I’d be. This novel that she is posting live as she edits it on her blog? Heart of Clouds.


    I saved it for you.


    1. That is without a doubt the nicest thing anyone has ever said to or about me and I am going to run that on my FRONT PAGE TODAY! xxoo! you made me smile on a day of GRIM NEWS! thank you!


  5. Sat. Eve.

    Thought about calling tonight, but? Didn’t know if you were writing, and didn’t want to disturb you.


  6. Your post today? hell yes it’s sad. It’s worse than sad. I cry everytime I see it.

    But I am angry now.

    I’ve watched the underwater repairs, read The Oil Drum,studied the geology of the Gulf of Mexico that some idiots are saying to nuke? People in this country haven’t seen anything like this. And the callow attitude of the administration is not going to get away with it. Thanks to people like Carville and Dakinikat who live there. It is not too late to turn things around. The sea will forgive us…but we must change our ways. People in LA need to demand what you all demanded in Santa Barbara decades ago.

    I noted that your politicians for offshore drilling have backed away from that now.

    Don’t lose hope Bonnaire.


    1. It’s really bad given the dispersants. Right under that video is a link to another story that broke in Europe about the Russians looking into the sort of rain that may fall given what is going to evaporate upwards. I can’t even believe that they just dumped gallons of something that toxic that has been banned in England for ten years.


  7. thank you for giving me a writing lesson. I felt something click and some kind of internal release.

    don’t forget what I said about an orchard…your garden.

    Only a person who has lost words can fully understand how beautiful and meaningful they really are. How they change lives. For the better or for worse.

    you haven’t made a writer out of me.

    but you made me try..


    1. I’m really glad we spoke the other day. Have had to be off of here, again. Thank you for seeing the visitors. Am editing Heart of Clouds. Song, maybe what you said is right? About it. The thing about it is that it is sweet and kind. From page 158 to the end is so solid. There are only some areas I plan to change in the center? Read the whole thing and was objective — maybe I’ll try just sending the novel rather than trying to do a screenplay. Anyway, it was great talking to you again. Thank you. Will call soon — love, A.


  8. I am so happy to hear from you! Yes, it is a sweet and kind book, deep and rich, contemporary and universal-

    i have missed you but was hoping you were taking time with your creation.

    it is always wonderful talking with you. and that ending you read to me? incredible. drew emotions so deep within me. yup.

    love to you,



    1. I am trying to not be nervous, not look at all the bad news and so forth. Trying to keep my hopes up? It’s hard. But thank you for all of the things you say — when I edit will email you a copy? Looking at it — 229 pages, Song. whew. 229. But 158 to end I am very happy about. I let T read it? Asked him to — and he is the first to give “reader” response, as is. It’s a really fast read too? He got to page 98 yesterday. Said — it’s a sweet story.

      Just nervous, as usual. The world. et al. Need good news, for myself to feel better. Can barely look at the news it’s so bad all the time.


  9. the news? same here, can no longer take much of it. i am so glad that T has read it, and he sees what a sweet story it is, which in all of this world is rarer by the day. sweet like the fruit from an orchard tree –a fruit picked at just the perfect moment.

    like this day, i woke up years ago, and the breeze was blowing through an open window, and my sleep had been refreshingsweet as my eyes opened to the sunrise.

    229 pages..incredible. i know how difficult this was actually. oh my. but you did it. and so much of your heart and mind is reflected in there.

    send it when you feel you are ready.


    1. I want to send it with the flaws maybe? So you can see what they are? Redundancy a little. But that is a given because of the pace last Nov. So, it is a matter of cleaning that up. I hope it’s good. I do. Talk soon.


  10. ok Bonnaire. i’m sure you are you own worst critic. look forward to talking w/you and reading your work.



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