25 thoughts on “The TOXIC state of politics in 2010…

    1. I have never had a day where I felt so bad as a voter. No kidding.
      Ugh. It was the same place where I voted for Hillary too — which brought it all back. Watch our state turn red because of Whitman’s ad $$$$.
      I have few doubts on that, today. As for me? BROWN is the last Democrat I care for. I will be voting for some Republicans in the fall — just not Whitman. Her ads are poison to me when I listen. Anti-Californian. And she never voted for years. And she has ties to Goldman Sachs. GRIM. What a grim day. It is.


  1. whoever wins will be the loser unless California is willing to tackle the debts. I don’t think Whitman would stand a chance with your legislature which is overloaded with progressives, not Democrats. It would be a stalemate actually, if she wins.


    1. Well, what I consider progressive has to do with the environment. You have a point about stalemate. Everything seems to be at a stalemate right now. Meanwhile the oil flows on. And on. Making me sick, Song. The way I see it is that a bunch of talking heads like the sound of themselves. They all have toxic ties? Both parties. Who still gives a damn about this country…

      What a mess. It is. Jerry Brown I do believe in though. Since I was little. Environmentalist like me.

      Green in thinking way ahead of his time. That is what I think of when you say progressive? Brown would be a permaculture type? We all thought about this kind of thing since 70’s out here. And since we had an oil spill we knew what could happen. Brown would feel like me today. Watching it. Heartbreak.


  2. we have semantic differences here. I see progressives as socialists with a new name, and not being a socialist myself, nor a full fledged capitalist for that matter, the problems is how all groups are balkanizing the processes we need to go through to save our States, our Country. Neither party has a solution to the problem, because the solutions are painful to all of us, and I mean–everyone.

    Your State was unfortunate in electing Arnold. All in all it would be better if Brown wins because he might be able to BEGIN to do the right thing. But he does need to try to bring business back to your State which you all have lost due to taxes and such? Social programs need to be trimmed. It needs to be a two pronged approach. For business and for social services, both, not either-or. Maybe he could follow what is happening in Europe now.

    Merkel, and Trichet in Europe just threw Timmy Geithner and Ben Bernake’s solution out the window, preferring to try austerity, instead of the IMF’s recommended debt. Now the question is, will Brown make these kinds of decisions for California? Or is he full for the Unions, who in my humble opinion are just as corrupt as the government–in their leadership…


    1. In CA, Dems wanted to always help the poor since the 70’s. When I was young it was all Cesar Chavez? And the grape deal. For me, I guess what progressive means doesn’t mean socialism but some fairness? Only what has happened is that social programs have been cut to bone as it is? There aren’t any. If you could see the homeless in CA? it’s like Grapes of Wrath — Steinbeck’s novel. Progressives (Californians) can be understood by reading that book by one of our Native sons. We have had a huge influx of “outsiders” in the last 20 years. Things we voted for to put in place have been overwhelmed. I think that the unions want people to have decent wages so they don’t bother me. When I worked for a paper I worked both under a union and not. The union was way, way better than not. So I guess I see both sides. For me progressive has to do with green energy, mostly. Caring for the environment? My version of what a Democrat is is going to look like FDR did? But, in these really bad economic times for our state it’s everyone for themselves.

      My poor state. I’m serious. It has been going downhill since Reagan.

      Brown is the kind of Steinbeckian Dem I am. What I feel will happen if Brown doesn’t win? Whitman’s ads are like AZ. Exactly like that. Only we have way more people here. If she plans to cut off what they have been coasting on? Oh brother. A nightmare. Get me a ticket out — because it’s going to be.
      I’m sure Brown would enact green jobs right away. He would. With Whitman and her Goldman Sachs ties? She is probably for oil. And the worst kind of development that spoils the beauty of our state. There are many here like that now — that could care less, Song. I’m serious.

      I hope Brown wins. Otherwise? Dunno. A mess.


      1. I am all for taking care of the poor. but let it be American poor first. There needs to be comprehensive immigration reform, in which there is a pathway to citizenship, and the borders need to be closed. those who have lived here a long time, need not hide in the shadows. But the problem is all the different groups in this country are BALKANIZED–each looking out for their own little group. We need a moratorium on this stuff, and Americans need to understand that we are all fighting for our economic survival as a NATIION. Social programs are fine and good? But people have to do real jobs to pay for them? How much more can the American taxpayers subsidize? When are property values going to go back up? Who is going to fill those commercial real estate spaces? Census workers? I think not.

        Well, I see what you are saying here, and the question needs to be asked by all Americans why we have so many homeless people, and can afford to spend billions on wars, and even election campaigns? I blame Reagan for this, and we can turn it around by bringing our troops home, and cutting funding from the military industrial complex. Just ending wars would take care of so much of this. Really. Truly.

        I hope for you that Brown wins, because you believe in him, because he is a Californian, he has done a lot of jobs–but? He has not ever been anything but a lifer in politics? What does he know about business? How does he plan to start Green jobs if he hasn’t ever worked in the private sector? Has he worked in the private sector? Has he ever started a business and created real employees? Or does he believe that hiring census workers on a temporary basis will bring us long term economic growth?

        Whitman would do a better job of bringing jobs to your state. She created a business. Where she is weak, is that she has those terrible business connections. Nevertheless she actually was a success in business, and that means SHE created real jobs. Real ones, not government part time ones.

        I happen to like Jerry Brown though. He knows California politics, but? Can he actually bring business opportunities to your state? Like Mitch Daniels did in Indiana?


  3. I have noted that Santa Barbara seems to have been ahead on many issues. It was your community that stopped offshore drilling in California, and if others had seen it from your point of view, we might have done what we should have done when Carter was President. But hindsight? well, is hindsight.

    Anway , I found this today about your Santa Barbara Banks, and it explains a lot about economic choices which they made, which is causing them great distress. They sounded like a fine institution.


    You are lucky you grew up where you did, Bonnaire, and really, I still believe California, could, lead the way for the rest of the country. You are lucky Arnold is gone. He seemed to be a lightweight to me?


    1. Yes, Brown was the ECOLOGY movement in California. He was and is. If he had been President once we would have been way ahead in terms of dealing with oil a long time ago. Now? Mess. Polluted nightmare. Mess. The sea. They don’t even want to say just how bad this is, but it is. That coast is ruined. Ruined.
      For the people and the marine creatures. I guess if you live by the ocean as I always have, it is really important. After that spill here? So yes. We are sickened by what politics have done in terms of energy policy. If that spill moves up the east coast? And it might? People have no idea right now — but it will be devastating.


  4. Actually Bonnaire, I read about this oil spill everyday. everyday. I know the potential negative consequences, and you don’t have to live by the ocean to know how beautiful it is. I understand the delicacy of nature’s ecosystem. I am a part of nature, and not so fully a part of this world.

    I think I just don’t tell you how it worries and sickens me.


    1. I just heard the topper over at the Conf. O is going to allow whaling. OMG. Unbelievable. Monstrous. The spill is the worst thing because there are more leaks and plumes. I have no faith in any of them Song. I do in Jerry Brown though, because I grew up when he was gov.


  5. Oh! I know. It happened awhile ago actually but they have kept it under the radar.

    If they were at least intelligent? But I just don’t see a lot of intelligent politicians. They don’t seem that bright?

    Brown. Everytime I’ve seen him interviewed, I really like him. Alot.


  6. Yes, I know about Jerry Brown. His zen-ness. etc.

    That would appeal to a Californian for sure.

    I remember his father Pat Brown. Geez.

    I remember Ronald Reagan and Pete Wilson, and Gray Davis, and Arnold. Most of the problems began in the seventies, like you said. The Reagan years.

    I have always followed California politics–somewhat objectively actually. ANd have always had many questions about those politics.

    So. I’m glad I know a native Californian.


  7. and finally?

    I am so pissed at Democrats for Obama, I could hardly walk across the street to vote for one.

    I will take your word for it.

    that’s enough, I guess.


    1. Well, looks like those negative ads Whitman has spent so much on did it for her. It’s going to be up to California now, all us real Democrats and Jerry Brown supporters. Dems for Obama were not Dems out here — Dems voted for Hillary Clinton and she won California? McCain is more of a Dem than Obama. That’s why I had no probs switching over to him two years ago. Obama Dems? They are going to want Whitman because they will be swayed by her bogus ads just as they were by his. Also? They weren’t too smart in the first place. They just believed all his BS, and now look. CA is going to go red. Bet he’s crying tonight at these results. I bet Hillary is laughing too. Sadly so. TOXIC all the way around is what it is. I’m not ever going to vote for Whitman — but, Fiorina maybe. Yep. Time to send a few Repub women in. Boxer, Feinstein, Capps = FAILURES in my book for non-support of Hillary Clinton. They really fucked up.


  8. Just checked Brown and Whitman, and you REAL Dems are going to have your hands full with her. Mega money, jobs, jobs, jobs–a proven entrepreneur promising a “new California” ,,,She is ultra organized, with money to burn. She will use everything at her disposal.

    You already know this. This is David vs. Goliath.

    Carly? I admire her. She is my kind of politician. I would walk across the street to vote for her. Not for Palin, or Whitman, or Boxer. I do like Feinstein though. Sorry ’bout that.


    1. Well, I used to like Feinstein except her husband did a bad deal for CA real estate during bank probs out here? Zero trust in her, Boxer et al.
      Truly. What a mess. But, I bet Whitman will be seeing the C word on T shirts out here like Palin did. She thinks she can buy California. Creepy. Really Creepy.


  9. She might not be a native but her headquarters/business is in San Jose. So? She added to the employment rolls, with real jobs.
    The problem is those who promise growth, through jobs aren’t really dealing with the problem of diminishing resources. I still think California can lead the way by offering tax breaks for Green manufacturers if you don’t already. The mindset there is perfect for that. Brown says he won’t raise taxes without the approval of the people. Here in Az, we voted to raise taxes, to help our schools/state just a few weeks ago. Of course no one thought we would, but we did. Brown also knows the ins and outs of government. He has an advantage there. She will soon find out you can’t run government like you run a business. She must be confident she can bring the business paradigm to government. I see government-business as juxtaposed. Their interests are supposed to be different. It will be difficult for her to govern with her mindset, although some might say that Romney did it in Massachusetts. I think he will be advising her actually.

    Not a Romney fan either btw. ah well.

    I am sorry to hear about Feinstein. I really like Dianne Feinstein. Always have.


    1. Between the oil spill and Meg Whitman I feel sick. I think she is disgusting for the text of her ads here? Really. I think Jerry will win because she is who she is? She thinks she can buy the vote. Like O did. That is what is so disgusting to me. I will always be for Jerry Brown. Always. I hope he doesn’t have to stoop to her level. She has Goldman Sachs ties, too Song. Icky. I’m for Brown on Ethics — he has them — all she has is $$$$$$$. You would not believe her ads. I can’t. Very grotesque. You watch, and I bet there will be protests against her here, especially by the Latino population for the wording in her ads. Disgusting.


  10. Well, I don’t see her ads, and here in Az we don’t have to worry about billionaires. If you all in California are anything like we are, you’ll see through the slickness. I think you will

    The main problem for Brown is that Whitman is a proven creator of jobs Bonnaire. She started an office of 80 in San Jose and took Ebay to 15000, she worked for Bain, Dreamworks, Disney. She started out a mathematics/physics major and ended up getting her degree in economics at Harvard. She obviously has a power left brain and incredible business acumen. Her Goldman ties are very sleazy. Very sleazy.


    A lot of what she knows won’t translate into the campaign, but she can afford the best minds to help her. Like. Why do New Yorkers vote for the billionaire Bloomberg? Because they like him? Or because he can afford to buy what he needs.

    Hope you all are more enlightened in California. I think you are m’self. Maybe Bill Clinton will stump for Brown!!!!!


    hugs. Don’t be sick. Be strong. Tough. California is YOUR state.



    1. Her ads are on the radio? They make your gov pale by comparison. I think so. When I heard the first one? I saw what she was made of.
      Anyway, gonna sign off — too disgusted. I tried to think I could like her, or Palin last year. But? I just can’t. I really can’t. The fact that they are women doesn’t even matter to me post Hillary. I thought it was going to, but no. She will end up with a C T shirt like Palin did, I bet. She will for those ads. Going to be Ugly. Really ugly.

      night now….
      what a mess for Jerry Brown. What a nightmare.


  11. Whitman won’t give a damn about a C-shirt. She is way too tough Bonnaire. Way too tough.

    Brown needs to be careful not to come across looking like an amateur. But he is a very very smart politician, and he can beat her. If he doesn’t beat himself.


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