Disaster Capitalism… and the Californian. OIL SPILL, economy, NEW WORLD ORDER?

I just bought two books yesterday.  I can hardly afford to, but I was a victim of DISASTER CAPITALISM myself in California.  Just like so many others who worked for newspapers in my state.

Anyway, I bought this:

and this:

Frankly I ought to be editing my own novel Heart of Clouds and shipping it off to my favorite literary agent.


After this oil spill?  People are going to need to read my novel.

It has HOPE IN IT.

As an adult, who worked for a great newspaper for twenty years and then became a therapist I think I am qualified to speak at this point.  I’m voting for Jerry Brown.  After the oil spill that happened in the late 60’s out here in California (which I saw with my own eyes) Like many I have hoped to see a solution as the grid has grown and grown.

To me?

This oil spill is an example of what Klein is talking about and if this isn’t the most UNETHICAL thing I have ever seen or heard of I’m not sure what is.

I was sick all day yesterday contemplating the thought.  Because Disaster Capitalism is about making money.

Could a disaster be caused to make money?

I don’t know.  What I do know is that a very toxic chemical has been poured into the Gulf called Corexit.

The name haunts me.  I looked it up.

So did journos at The Chronicle up in San Francisco.  I like to follow the journalists in my state.  They know how we feel.

This book of Klein’s starts at Hurricane Katrina.  Apparently there is a Chicago School of Economics and the man behind the theory is somebody called Milton Friedman.  I’m only one page 14 so far.  But I am so disgusted as a Californian by what I just read you are not even going to believe it.  God.

As Meg Whitman spends her billions out here to convince California she is right for us?  Well I don’t think so.

Jerry Brown is a Californian.  If anything he isn’t a Disaster Capitalist.  He has a great track record of helping the poor in Oakland.

Right before my mother passed away I was working with the homeless as a therapist.  It broke my heart.  Many times over.  And Over.

I left comments over at the Confluence today so I’m going back to get my links.

Here they are!

these two articles are by the woman who wrote The Shock Doctrine — The rise of Disaster Capitalism.



I had no idea that The Chicago School was about this kind of thing.
Did you?

A California Dem is such a different kind of Dem. And, we know what Reagan did in our state. It’s 30 years later now. People live in Tent Cities here?

Here is our state capital, Sacramento


This is Los Angeles — but in Los Angeles there are cities within cities like this.


Best overview is here:


You know? Disaster Capitalism? I’m really wondering if Obama thinks that way or not. His parties in the capital while our country looks like this? It’s not the Democrat way.

Because this is all over the country. Every state. And it is getting worse. I wrote once about how we might use an FDR model during the time Hillary was running. It gets a lot of hits at my blog. This should be a VIRAL subject? Maybe.

California Dems love FDR. The murals, the great works, the architecture, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the WPA.
Where did I see that O was reading about FDR? Just lately?
LEARN HOW TO BE A DEMOCRAT before you run as one.
That is why I voted for Hillary Clinton. I voted for John McCain because at least he had a plan — that Lexington Project.


I’m torn between writing my genogram for World Peace or reading Disaster Capitalism in the mo. I’ll tell you one thing though. I’m voting for Jerry Brown because he has done things for the poor.
Whitman spent millions, and is spending more millions on her advertising out here.

To Democrats like me? Who did some intern hours seven years ago with this population? She looks like a selfish greedy pig.
You would not believe the problem we have on our hands.
In California.

Whitman didn’t bother to vote for 28 years. Watch the youtubes.

Here is what I wrote for Hillary, for us all….


I’m watching videos on The New World Order.

By the time I finish these two books I bet I’m really going to understand.

Disaster Capitalism happened to the newspaper industry in America.

Disaster Capitalism has ruined California.

What’s next?

I know one thing.  I TRUST JERRY BROWN and I have since the 1970’s.



He represents a branch of the Democratic Party I really understand.  THE ETHICAL SIDE.

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