Oil Spill thoughts, 2010…

I can’t tell you how it feels to look at the birds along my coastline and think of the gulf.

I just can’t, because the sea has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

The spill seems to be almost a metaphor for everything wrong right now.

Here is a site that may be of help using social media.  I first read the blogger at SFChron — tweeting as @yobie

Here is the link:


It’s very difficult for me to think of the dispersant they are using and those who are making a profit off of that?

Very difficult.

There also appears to be a media blackout in the south.

I can no longer respect the politicians associated with the dispersant.

Or those that would allow a media blackout.

You can read more on that from Salon at this link.

The scope of the spill can be seen in this video that is taken from the air:

and here, below the sea:

This is too tragic to comprehend, and we will never see what has happened to the dolphins and the whales and all the other sea creatures who have been swallowed by the waves.

10 thoughts on “Oil Spill thoughts, 2010…

  1. http://www.deepwaterbp.com/m_10.asp

    these videos show the research team of Dr. Joye in the Gulf. They found a bird while they were out to sea. it made the whole thing hit home for her. finding that bird.
    It also is about the oil plume(s).


    I found Dr. Joye’s information in the early morning hours.

    couldn’t sleep.


  2. I have been aware of NALCO since the beginning. Halliburton also bought Boots and Coots a few days before the disaster.
    Boots and Coots was Red Adair’s company. They fight oil fires, etc.


    I think it was an accident. I read papers from Columbia about that area in the Gulf. they knew the reserves were huge, and also the porosity of the ocean floor. BP had no plan should the well go….in fact they are using the same things they used to try to stop the Ixtoc well in the Gulf that lasted for 8 months.

    no doubt profit is being made here, and the decisions by people in government and companies are certainly leveraged towards the “insiders”. Steven Chu for instance? He got financed by BP.
    The judge who stopped the injunction. He owned oil stock.

    it looks like either way, they make money. I guess they think if they hide 20 mile undersea plumes it will all go away

    fools indeed.



    these videos show the research team of Dr. Joye in the Gulf. They found a bird while they were out to sea. it made the whole thing hit home for her. finding that bird.
    It also is about the oil plume(s).



    1. You know what Song? Nothing could be this horrifying. I don’t even think they know what to do. The only good things in this whole deal are Kevin Costner and his machines and the WHALE ship you showed me that could do the skimming.

      This on top of Katrina? Unfathomable. Tragic. And they don’t even know what might happen. The scary part is that all of this is in the Hopi Prophecy. And in Nostradamus as well. So? Maybe this is going to be an end. Dunno. I really don’t. I miss you, and thanks for the links. I can hardly look at the beach here, knowing how the gulf is. Took Blossom for a walk by the harbor and watched the waves and just felt sick. Just sick inside for all those poor people in the Gulf. Something is just wrong with the response time on this, in my opinion.


  3. Oh But Bonnaire, you must look at the beautiful ocean. You must. And you might say a prayer there for those in the Gulf, and all the living creatures.

    your blessings.

    send them to the earth from your heart. I think about the prophecies. then, I think about how there is still hope. there is, as long as there is one loving heart on this earth. And there are so many loving hearts.

    I miss you too.



  4. i am grateful for Kevin Costner, and the big Whale boat. I hope the government lets it through.

    You are right. The response was? Where?

    Obama made a huge mistake when he gave BP the responsibility for cleanup. That was a huge mistake. And the EPA is expecting BP to monitor the dispersants? Did you read that on their site?

    Wtf? We are talking about ineptitude at astronomical levels here.


    1. Toxic ineptitude. You know what? I’m going to finish editing Heart of C. How weird that I wrote it last November and now it has come true. Omg.
      The turtles. You get the feeling that the left hand and the right hand in this admin? Don’t care. Let Hwood step in. At this point.


  5. the government and it’s agencies are too big to be successful. Inotherwords, too big, to succeed. It’s all in the structure. Impersonal and ridden with regulations/policies and procedures. there is still no clear “Central command”, so? things don’t get done, and actually? I doubt that many people working in the governmental structure know what to do. they aren’t proactive. Only reactive.
    I hate to say it, but it is a failure of the hierarchical/patriarchal structure. just is.

    anyway enough of that.


    your book? You know? I think when people connect to nature? They feel her message. Time is oceanic too, not just “linear”.

    “He’ll save us,” Tut, the flying fish whispered.
    “And so will she,” Tut replied.
    “Because she carries the key to the most important thing in the world and without her the world would go completely dark, my friend. She carries the language of the heart for all of us, does our little Teenie Alexander.”
    “The world almost forgot that language, Tut, didn’t it?”


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