11 thoughts on “the songs in the deep blue heart of the sea…

  1. maybe that’s why you named this post so perfectly. Their songs go to the heart Chakra…

    i saw the first live pelican ever when I was in Monterrey. It sat on a ledge near a restaurant. I couldn’t eat, as I watched it…
    and there were sea lions too.

    I cried in California when I stood by the sea…….I love the ocean Bonnaire…


    1. The dolphins have sound too. The thing is, when they make these sounds they travel around the world, so, they are telling each other what is happening? Right now. By now? Everything in the ocean knows.


  2. hopefully they are sending the message to leave the area. i know that the city birds have a sentinel in the sparrows, and all the birds do understand a few certain calls that they make in regards to predators nearby. when the other birds hear those sounds they stand very still, listen, then leave the yard en masse.

    dolphin sounds imaged into wavelets here in this UK picture gallery.



  3. some of them must be getting away. they are ancient.

    the swallows never returned to Thera, to this day.

    that article? The epitome of left-brain stupidity. You don’t geo-engineer a system, the implications do not only affect the earth, but the systems beyond. the idea that there can even be “ethics” in this type of thinking is absolutely sickening.


  4. Newton thought of the earth as a machine. So? These are Neo-Newtonians, hence the core of their “belief” in engineering and cause/affect thinking


  5. http://www.navdanya.org/blog/?p=250

    “Leaving biosafety decisions in their hands is unethical and risky for society. It is unethical because developers and promoters of a technology cannot decide if it is good for society or not. This is an example of conflict of interest. It is risky because they lack the scientific expertise needed for biosafety assessment.
    They are like makers of refrigerators who have no idea that the chlorofluorocarbons they use can make a hole in the ozone layer. They are like makers of cars who have no idea that the emissions of their cars pollute the atmosphere and destabilise the climate. Production expertise is not the same as impact expertise.
    Genetic engineering is based on reductionist biology, the idea that living systems are machines, and you can change parts of the machine without impacting the organism. Reductionism was chosen as the preferred paradigm for economic and political control of the diversity in nature and society.”


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