Writers, tone and “I Write Like” a test! xxoo!

I found this totally fab toy for writers this morning.  It’s an analyser.  I love this stuff like I loved the cloud computing when I was doing Nanowrimo last November.  I loved that site Wordle!  Between the two of these places how fun — so I decided to analyse a selection of my short stories that are published in the web but not at this blog!

And see how they come out!  Of course, a writer should be writing and not playing but this is fun for me.  Yay!

When I write I am interested in the “sound” of the words, and when I begin a piece I’m thinking of that.  So I use many different voices.

If you are a writer, check this out! http://iwl.me/

The stories are literary erotica — earlier work of mine.  I’m going to run them through and see how they come out!

This is fun and making me smile and smile…

First, my piece “Gardenias.” It’s written in a French voice and is very soft in tone.  Let’s see what the analyser thinks?  That’s hysterical!  I got Dan Brown… here is the link. http://iwl.me/b/cfe99843 Hysterical!

Next, I’m going to put “Casa Azul” through… Wow.  I got someone named William Gibson! — here is the proof!


For the noir piece I wrote the other day as a part of this memoir I got Raymond Chandler.  Yes, I moved the words around so that the piece sounds noir musically — on “tragedienne.” — I have never read Raymond Chandler but maybe I should because I love all those old noir films.  I put a piece I did on Depth Psychology and got a guy called Cory Doctorow!  How fab.

But also how odd?  Because you would think that a writer just has one sort of voice?  But, no.  I think a writer picks the voice of what they are going to say depending on the way the piece is going to flow out.  A piece of Heart of Clouds I ran through there came out as Chandler too — only the first two chapters.  But I bet if I put the whole text through there it would be different.  It’s not noir, by far, but more dystopian with HOPE! Anyway, I’m laughing this morning.  What a fun toy!


hahahahahahaha! I just ran this chunk of text through and got this!

I got that one for the pieces I’ve written on Depth Psychology as well.  I guess If I’m being funny or serious I’m like that guy! See ya later!

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