Custardgate and epic frozen custard…

I’d never tasted frozen custard until yesterday.  It’s delicious, and I had it here at a little place on the outskirts of Malibu that’s famous for its seafood.  After the Lobster roll, I couldn’t resist because both of these are east coast things, I think.

I haven’t been to Neptune’s Net in ages and ages.  It was great to just start driving south.  The custard was epic in its swirled deliciousness and the sandwich was too.

But?  The biggest shocks were on the drive down.  To get there the long way, and the pretty way, is the old way down PCH or Pacific Coast Highway.  It’s a road that has changed over the course of my life from sort of a country lane that passed Wagon Wheel Junction (which was once one of the only things there) to the sea of development I saw yesterday.

The Junction and the Net are “Old California.”

So is Oxnard — and you drive through that on your way down.  I could not believe what the downtown looked like.  I couldn’t.  The stores were boarded up.  It was the strangest thing to see it, after years.  Old Town Ventura is different.  They need to save Oxnard like that.

Do you know why I support Jerry Brown?

He’s a Californian like myself.  One drive down to Neptune’s Net and you can see what has happened to California.  The strawberry fields are there and you can see the workers.  The shambles of blight are there.  The stunning mansions that line PCH?  How many of those are up for sale?

Just this one little slice of the California Coast tells the whole story to native Californians.

I have no faith in the current administration in Washington.  Period.

I have tons of faith in Jerry Brown to take care of the problems in our state.  Tons of faith.

He is probably going to be the last Democrat I ever vote for, because I’m going to change my status to Independent.  It’s important to save California. To Californians. All Brown has to do is come down here and take that drive down Highway I to Neptune’s Net.  He could have a fantastic lunch and a movie crew could shoot the backdrop so everyone can see.

These cities are landmarks to Southern Californians.  These are landmark places I’m talking about.

Watching this admin having ice cream does nothing for me.  Nothing at all.

I won’t be voting for them again.  But, I am going to vote for Jerry Brown.

I voted for John McCain in the last election, after what happened to Hillary Clinton in 2008.

I’m no longer going to be a Democrat because of what happened to her.  I mean that.  Jerry Brown is the last Democrat I feel I can support.  In California.

10 thoughts on “Custardgate and epic frozen custard…

  1. Hi Bonnaire. I’ve had so much on my plate that I’ve had nothing to say. Just numb.

    I am glad you tasted custard for the first time, and lobster rolls? Mmmm sounds like Maine. Lob-stah. California, is a bit like Az in that the newbies probably outnumber the natives…so hopefully? enough people understand how the natives like you feel. This article tells them….
    But I just cannot write about Az. Some things are too complex to unravel with a sentence, and if you land on either side of the issue, you’re half wrong. it will take great thinking, and heartfelt solutions to change this country, but so many politicians are into it for themselves, and not for the country. I think that’s why you like Jerry Brown, because he loves California like you do.


    1. I’m so glad you said the above. And it was great talking too. Brown is our native son. Sometimes you need a native running things to know. I know just what you mean about complicated politics because it’s like that here too. Hugs from me & Happy B day too! Missed your voice and thoughts.


  2. Yes I understand why you support Jerry Brown. It’s easy to understand when you’re a native of a place and you see all these outside people/corporate interests come in…Everytime I have seen Jerry Brown on television, I have always liked him and agreed with him. He seems like he actually?

    Like he actually THINKS. How refreshing huh?

    Thank you for making my birthday a happier day…..



    1. He does think. He’s been working for California for YEARS — in many different capacities. Honest, ethical all that stuff. Very, very smart as well. And much of a Buddhist, too, I think.


  3. I voted for Hillary for president, but I had that luxury here in NJ. I was told by the state election office that write-in votes were to be counted…but I never saw any numbers….

    I don’t know what I would have done if NJ had been in play, but Iwould not have voted for McCain nor will I vote for any of the current crop of Republicans.

    Would the Dem CongressCritters have been more true to Democratic principles if McCain had become president? They sure abandon those principles when DINO Obama suggests things like going after SocSec.

    Now, if there were only a party which represents what Paul Wellstone called the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party! One which held to the principles which moved FDR, Truman (albeit that Korea police action thing was not such a great idea…), JFK, LBJ, RFK.

    Not this DINO who seems to worship at the altar of St. Ronnie. Cripes. What a sad day for the Dem Party, to be lumbered with a stealth candidate like Obama. Mr. Corporatist, who has lost most of his charm as he’s shed his campaign promises and language for the prose of praising Big Bidness and dissing us unterbussen (see


  4. Frozen custard — I grew up in southeastern WI, where frozen custard has many wonderful and affordable manifestations.

    As I’ve gotten older, I now eschew the fancy candy-based flavors and prefer the cleaner, somewhat less sweet fruit based flavors. And almost any nut flavors. I’ve often wondered what the calorie counts are, but am much better off not knowing….

    Kopp’s, Oscar’s,Gilles’ –couple biggies around Milwaukee. I adore the Butter Pecan from Leon’s on the South Side of Milwaukee, near where I lived in BayView.

    Oh, I’m salivating at the thought!


    1. Jawbone! thanks for dropping by, mucho. It’s not a thing I ever heard of but I had it down at Neptune’s Net that day. We have a lot of Gelato here in California. It was sooooo fab. It was just a chocolate and vanilla swirl sort of thing. Wow. Anyway, what you have expressed is how a lot of Democrats are feeling? Especially the Democrats who were young children like in Mad Men TV show the day that JKF…..

      The fairness and noblility of JFK and MLK are embedded into my gen of tail end BBoom Democrats. My grandparents were Republicans. I’m not sure my mother ever voted — but she was an Irish Catholic Democrat at heart — and that passed to me. In college I voted for the first time against Reagan. I have voted as a Democrat until the 2000 election. I voted Nader, who also espouses much of CA DEM thought? Anyway. I knew the Clinton’s track record, and because I believe in voting women in — I always did here in California. Every time they were on the ballot. This year though? And in 2008? I’m no longer sure about the Democratic Party.

      Any way, that frozen custard is certainly fab. There is something new out here called Pinkberry but that is frozen yogurt…

      Frozen custard might be next… ps: Hagen Daz just came out with some fab new flavors. Chocolate Mint and Creme Brulee. Ahem….
      yours, in ice cream!



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