an entirely charming vine…

I’ve been reading Dak over at the Conf. the last few days.  I have a lot to say about the two subjects she’s writing but, I plan to take my time.  Anyway!  Something magic arrived in my poor old garden that is fab.

I thought it might have been something I planted ages ago but no!  It’s like a Cup of Gold vine, only with the tiniest flowers ever.  And they are scented, too.  I’m thinking that it’s a very old fashioned vine from ages ago — maybe even the 30’s — my place dates from that era.

Anyway, I’ll garden a little and then think up a reply to all the things Dak has said.  I have my own take on what happened to cause me to be underemployed and it is so non-pretty you won’t even believe it.

I’m going to write a novel about it actually.  Soon.  Maybe at next year’s Nanowrimo.  That pace works for me.

Ah well.

I’ll try and take a picture of that charming little vine.  When I was working I always frequented stores to buy seeds and plants and bulbs.  Now that I’m not?  I’ll take cuttings! hahahahah!


1930 redux.

My gen really got fucked over by the corporation.  I will be telling that tale.

6 thoughts on “an entirely charming vine…

  1. I love it too. There’s a mulberry tree growing in my flower bed, and a date palm behind the grape vine, and another one near a desert sage bush….

    maybe that vine is a magic vine redux…your poor old garden is the only poor old garden in the world where it grows….

    hope you enjoyed your movie-garden book mystery tour.


    1. Mulberries! just the best, ever. An artist friend has a tree so I have tasted them. That is one of the first trees I’d plant. Yum! So fab. They were huge like gigantic blackberries — reddish purple. There is your cobbler!


  2. Never tasted a mulberry, and grew up around mulberry trees. maybe they were the berry-less variety. 🙂

    right now one tree is full of figs…..many, many figs…..


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