Disneyland of my childhood…

I believed in the above.

The President who made me into a Democrat…

Eisenhower was President when I was born.

The event that shocked the world.  I was holding my mother’s hand while she wept in Pasadena.

Watching Mad Men last night, I remembered my early childhood years — the way things looked.


When this ad ran, I was the age of the little girl eating an ice cream in it.

LBJ on Poverty in America ad…

I’m not sure if the fact that I’m from the Irish Catholic tradition once-upon-a-time made me a Democrat.

It probably didn’t hurt, though.

The things I have always cared for as a Democrat seem to no longer matter to that political party.

I’m trying to find a political party I can believe in.

19 thoughts on “Disneyland of my childhood…

  1. I’ m glad I know you Bonnaire.

    First, Obama isn’t a Democrat. He is a weak, inexperienced, ineffectual—wimp of a man.

    There are still good, very good Democrats around.

    Like Jerry Brown.

    and it certainly isn’t Republicans–Unemployment would have been the same under McCain. And the Republicans haven’t met a war YET, they didn’t like. The Republicans have a great problem with the creative Idea. They have an IDEA void.

    Living in the post WWII World, with a “new world” upon us, no one knows yet, where we are going. These are uncharted waters. But this man confirms your choices. We need Great Leaders now. Just like you’ve said.

    “The US and UK prospered in large part because strong leadership emerged at crisis points.

    Pitt the Younger steered the UK to victory during the Napoleonic Wars. Gladstone and Disraeli managed the fantastic transitions of the 19th century. As for Churchill, compare him to France’s contemporary leaders. Unfortunately the UK had weak leadership navigating the post-Empire shoals.

    The same is true for the US. We grew to greatness led by the founders, Lincoln, and FDR. Even LBJ, who ended the Civil War — which could have been far more painful. And the long US decline during the post-Vietnam era with a series of weak and seriously flawed leaders (LBJ, Nixon, post-assassination Reagan). How are we doing now? Compare the national political classes of the US and EU with China’s.

    As for social cohesion, its causes and nature remain a mystery.”

    Read the article here:


    Thanks for your post.




    1. Today, I didn’t read it yet — but front page LAT is “deflation”


      Thanks for all you said. My Mom loved Kennedy. She also loved Jackie O, stylistically. Same age.
      I saw that above at Disneyland as a child. I always wanted to travel the world, and I always felt that that would be possible,. My uncle and grandparents did.
      I can’t pinpoint what i’m looking at except for something Orwell once wrote about — I’d love to actually believe in politicians right now. I would, but? I don’t.
      Can anyone pull us out of this? I wonder.


  2. thank you for the article. deflation. that is not good news. First I hope you do get to see the world. In the 30’s if you recall,many of the movies, were “feel good” movies, that gave people hope. Like your “Heart of Clouds”–I think the world of your story, as you know.


    I know what you mean about “pinpoint what i’m looking at”. I think we are looking at some engineered psyops, some propaganda, some marketing, and so on, and it is difficult for the mind to sift through this and find the truth. The general unease most probably has to do with the “perpetuation” of the lie, or lies, that have controlled our society, for quite some time now. One of the tools is the paranoia, which seems to have originated with our leadership, and filters right down to us. Obviously, the hyperreactions under the Bush administration, concealed their true agenda, and Obama seems to be carrying on with it. We don’t realize yet, as we gave up our rights, to keep of us safe from terrorism just how this undermined our Constitution, and undermined the integrity of our society. And now, it seems that to perpetuate and maintain this loss of freedom the powers that be, well, they broadcast to us, all the time these frightening messages. Here’s another article about America’s most Dangerous Enemies from Fabius.


    On another note:
    Bernie Sanders wrote something that you might like to read.



    1. You know what I think? Computers themselves over a twenty year period — and all this “security” stuff have caused this. Before they were invented the world was a better place — more connected. I think that as the web expanded people could see anything about societies that differ from theirs. And of course, they either coveted what others appeared to have or decided they needed to take over and convert. Sad.

      Hey, if I make a ton? You can go too! xxoo! It would be fun! Thanks for those, I’ll read. That fabius is great.


      1. in some ways about computers? i agree. like all inventions. a two-edged sword.. on the otherhand. a personal computer allows a person to express their voice in this world or to report on what is happening where they are….like Twitter, and Iran..
        this kind of twitter-stream probably unnerved all intelligence communities around the world, including ours…

        no control of the people.


        fabius? yes, military men from what I read, in “about’ on their site.

        you’re on. but i’ll pay my own way, of course. it would be great fun.


      2. I’ll tell you something funny. Watching this whole Mel Gibson deal unfurl? Hollywood seems so ugly. Ugh. It really does. Last time I was at the Conference there were all these atty’s there, along with all the movie types. Sad. Really sad. That is why I liked the agent I liked. He seemed normal to me…


      1. Normal is good in Hollywood huh? Our country is too full of lawyers. One of the problems really. Nothing gets accomplished.

        lots of agents are lawyers. I met them when I was younger. I always wondered what they knew about music? about Art.

        obviously given the state of much of the Music in our culture?

        not much.


  3. I read your comment today at RD. I admire your idealism and recognition, that in times like these our “public servants” as they so seriously call themselves, need to minimize the “in your face” spending, while millions are out of work, and truly suffering.

    This kind of behavior among public official foments anger, frustration and sometimes even revolution among the masses. this type of insensitive “in your face” luxury living, while people go hungry has got to stop. It is seriously wrong for politicians to demand austerity from the citizens while living better than the kings and queens of old.

    bits and pieces…..from an old song I wrote, called “Kings”

    Kings have come and gone
    their power and their glory
    have faded in the face of time
    recovered by the tomb
    castles crumble in the modern age pollution
    while portraits of the kings still hang
    in dark mediaeval rooms.

    You read their names in history
    and wonder at their greed
    and wonder why they had so much
    to answer daily needs
    their thrones sit empty waiting
    for a lowly soul to bow
    but it’s over.
    over now.

    ————Verse 2

    Oh how times have changed
    from princes riding horses
    the public servants get around
    in shiny limousines
    and they talk about the modern age pollution
    and how to “feed the hungry”
    over banquets fit for kings….


    ah well. Great post Bonnaire.


  4. Hugs back.

    In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.


  5. http://www.showbiz411.com/2010/07/30/some-real-details-about-chelsea-clintons-wedding
    I thought I’d stay out of the whole Chelsea Clinton wedding saga until I actually spoke to someone who knew what was going on. Almost everything that’s been reported, aside from the place and the designer of the wedding dress, has been wrong apparently.

    For one thing, the wedding costs around a million dollars. Much of it has to do with security and the Clintons putting all the guests up around town in various hotels near Rhinebeck, New York.

    “Five million dollars,” scoffed a mutual friend of Hillary Clinton and Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky. “You don’t know Hillary. That would never happen.”


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