*notes on hollywood viking interventions

*overarching figures in sky are observers — old hollywood proving we know gay people

characters of STEWIE and JASPER gay couple not able to have child/get married — showing the poignancy/longing

contrast younger gay couple able to.

DV —- show in the married couple — but also across all cultures rich and poor

model in tx plan with short backstory.

HEART OF CLOUDS — to Walter HD to fill in backstory — intervention plastic in sea/pills in mom

Man in the Moon — Walter HD letters.

Watlter Dallenbach — the literary pieces as interventions

Walter HD — the romantic ones — Gardenias et al —

Sell the VB in order to raise funds to contribute to charity causes.

Pair sheet line monogrammed/lingerie w/bunnies concept to rebrand for luxe hotels & stuff.  LUXE version of romance plus elegance regained.

Totally restore all my fave places in HWood.

Restore broken industries in US ie cars detroit.  VB

Ken Williams on rebuild for homeless etc. housing.

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