The Alchemy Project — for Walter HD — Mise-en-scène

The story Man in the Moon that CS has of mine?  You can read it at this link…

Walter.  I can’t look back at one of the most exquisite things that ever happened to me in this lifetime.

I’m going to just hand it to you?

I have the location, I think?  Where it can be shot.  It’s a very intimate character study between two people.

I have our love letters.  You can reconstruct us.  And also because it is the other half of the movie Ask the Dust, okay?

You are the only person I could trust to make this film as beautiful as it was and is.

The only one.

Because of how exquisite your art is?  I’m so serious in this you can’t even know.



These are the only two, because they are us.

And you are the only one who could make such a work of art.

So, please will you go down to the Miramar and pick out a cottage?

It’s yours forever.

I would like some beautiful placques made?

Yours is, the Walter HD house of Ars Dramatica — and I want a place for you to hang your broken lute, and your black velevet hat I saw when you so graciously invited me to that party, once upon a time.

If I’m not dreaming?  Then, just leave that little place open in SLand, banner…..

I will be taking the letters and a few other things there to leave for you.  I’d like to spend the night there myself tonight.

I’m exhausted.  I really am.  Walter when you see this story?

You will win, I know it.  The people that made ask the D — I want you to work with them.  FINEST.

The film is so small, yet very large.

Falling into your lap with a huge hug — which is the way I fell to my kness in your class once — why i did is because your TALENT.

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