The Alchemy project — notes– plus ideas for something only for Walter HD of great beauty!

Allright, so — what you don’t know about this Alchemy Project is that when I had lost everything almost in the years 2001 or so — I wanted to write the beauty of Valdez and so I joined a writing place.  Before that, I just wrote alone for Susannah at Cleansheets?  She was so kind to me, my god.  But, I’ll get back to her later — because I’d like to present some of her stories as films as well — and some of the stories I read that others I met there did?  Exquisite writing!  Also though, the place that Suz sent me really taught me to write because I was on a writer’s list!

By the time I came to Marcia’s Conference I had these stories ready to go, and in fact, it was Marla and a few other women there that gave me all the courage in the world!  Especially Laura T.  She was so marvelous, and so I would like to give them all their own little cottages at the hotel of my dreams?  At any rate — it was Laura who did a reading of my piece GARDENIAS and I have just thought of a way to present it that is entirely exquisite — I only ever want Walter on the romantic ones because of the lushness he has as a cinematographer — the “Do You Remember Love” was the one that was just…sweeping.

CS has Gardenias?  At this link — so click and go….

I had an idea about how I would like to see it presented buth this morning I have a better one!  When I was very young and in Paris I stayed in this little garret room and this story is looking back at that?  The rooftops, etc.

Look of this film should be sepia tone — like delicately tinted Sepia as TMC is doing?  Exquisite!

Who I would like for this film is somebody Marcia knows?  Bill Downey’s daughter Dawn.  Also somebody else you proboably know.  What this story is about is a woman dreaming at a window!  She is musing while she holds a little white box of Chanel’s Gardenia perfume?  I adored that little special edition myself and it dates from the year of this piece?  So Walter can figure out how to make it look…

I want the same two women in the story.  They are both in separate rooms in the same hotel!  They are both having the same experience and dreaming the same dream about a man they love!  I guess the voice is a voiceover?  Dunno.

Music is DJANGO RHINEHART “NUAGES” — as they each look at the sky?  Things like confetti streams like in this Shearer movie this am float through clouds, and so forth.  The each are wearing gardenias in their hair?  Diifferent outfits but 30’s feel?

Dawn reminds me of Nefertitti?  She does!

A nice book these two could read as a gift?

SISTER STORIES by Brenda Patterson.

the above is a link to that book and the cover!

The cover should give you an idea of the “twinship” — in this?  The longing for “that man” she loved, one.

Here is the other actress!  (If she wants it)  One of my FAVES EVER!  EVER! so fab!

Okay so?

MUSIC!  BILLIE HOLIDAY “Someday he’ll come along, the man I love”

DJANO NUAGES and whatever else Walter HD would add?

Scene — each in separate rooms at separate windows

I love that perfume and so maybe we can get it realaunched (mostly so we all can have some…) xxoo!

also ad campagain?


Also because we need to buy some stuff for that fabster of a place we I do believe have purchased!

I want to start DECORATING AT ONCE!

You can probably shoot this on location here and use stock footage for the Paris Rooftops?


nous sommes ensemble

Nous sommes artistes…..

par toujours!

I intend to raise so much money, and I will fix the problems I saw that I couldn’t do anything about.  Walter, I know I was unable to tell you what I meant but I expect by now you can understand!


l’age d’or…………

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