THE LAST HOLLYWOOD VIKING (scene 6) backstory Jasper and Stewie

JASPERS BUDDHA is this one:

I decided this is how I want to make movies because I am joining the thespian crowd!  I was in love with the whole thespian crowd in high school.  I am going to raise funds and change the school system so everyone gets opportunities like I had at SB Junior High and SB High.

Okay so, on these castings of people.  I have my reasons for doing this.

#1 these are the fabbest actors in the world

#2 I am going to need these acting minds and hearts to help me later at Pacifica — to build this tx planner and the thespian crowd is the only one that can do it.

#3 I am going to need “famous loved faces” — that these people have — for the tx planner because we are in a very serious place right now in this mundo.  These faces, and who they are can talk about this project when they do the talk shows? xxoo!


I thought of a funny scene for JASPER and STEWIE, to show more about the “interiority” of the couple!

In the interventions I’m making I am going to insert “religious” interventions too.  So we have DV, rich poor and so forth.

JASPER and STEWIE live on MT. OLYMPUS in HOLLYOOD.  They are a wealthy gay couple and I have set up who they are but this is more about them.  Their bedroom!  They sleep in a room that JASPER has total control of.  For all of STEWIE’s wit, whimsy and colorfulness JASPER has this room as his tightest sanctuary.  Their bed is actually two king sized beds pushed together to make one giant one.  This room is shades of cream and white in the Neutra house — “purity” — so the scene opens and we see the two of them sitting under the covers in this massive iceberg of a bed — it seems as if this bed is split right down the middle.  What JASPER has done is surround himself with a virtual wall of giagantic art books — this is his way of keeping STEWIE at arm’s length.  They are stacked and scattered on his side of the bed.  By contrast all STEWIE has is a vase of flowers on his nightstand.


INT.  — MT OLYMPUS HOUSE — EVENING — BEDROOM — LAMPLIGHT — soft creamy golden-amber look.


Jasp, what do you think of purple for that party


leafs through a giant book on Dali and shoots STEWIE a look.


Well we did orange last time.  C’mon.  Jasp!


Looks back at Dali, then a long slow look at Stewie.  Says nothing but a HUGE sigh — outbreath of air.  On his side of this giant bedroom there is a giant stone Buddha.  Jasper flings off the covers and he’s in swanky cream silk pajamas like Stewie’s with these huge monograms like the robes had.  All their clothes at home are like this — but not out in public.  Anything like a bathing suit or stuff they wear at home! xxoo!  The Monograms are J and S — “gigantic!”……….!


Gives another huge sigh and heads for his Buddha.  It’s got orchids — big fab ones arranged around it at all times.  He plucks a flower and tucks it at the foot of the statue.  The prostrates himself in front of it, on his back with his head at the foot of it and his arms outstreched as if he is on a cross?

He says one word:



Exasperated sigh.

Purple it is!

Stewie throws off his covers and leaves the room for his studio so he can start looking at his swatches — how he chooses is from a Pantone book? But you can get the same effect by going to a store and using those paint chips like when you are choosing paint?

*am setting up dynamic on these two!

So far in the story we have seen the poor with Sistah — but she is also Glinda too.

I’m going to be modeling Rich and poor in various ways?  As well — from communities in a stereotyped but entirely warm and funny fashion.  In this way, when we see a few “harsh realities” — it won’t be so bad, K?  Actually, I have something coming for Stewie and Jasper and because of who they are in Hwood, as loved as they are and so forth — they are heroic characters?  You will see.  We will never see a sexscene?  Just this big funny bed they have! so no worries — because you are straight I need you to play these two and you are the only actors who can! FABSTERS, Acting wise.  OMG Mork?  Wild n’ Crazy?  we are talking STAR COMEDIANS for my gen.  Saturday Night Live 70’s forward my dears.

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